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teenage angst... the meaning of life?

I changed the URL for the diary collective to

hello hello. So far my teenage diary collective is going swimmingly. (check out the original post here). I've already gotten some submissions which is both exciting and encouraging, and people already seem to be enjoying it so yay! Thanks to those of you who have submitted! If you haven't yet don't hesitate to do so! It can be anonymous if it's a personal entry and it's a fun way to spread your diary creativity and such. Feel free to help spread ze word via tweetin or blog postin or tumblrin or somethin.  (hiiiiiiiint). I also found this cool thing where people read their diary entries and it's really awesome and perfect and audible rather than tangible which is incredibly enjoyable and satisfying when you need some aesthetic assistance to your angstiest of days and when that Nirvana song just isn't doing the trick. Teenage Diary is kind of a homage to my love for journals and diaries; they are so mysterious and house so many unspoken secret thoughts, opinions, feelings, and ideas. Diaries are like the other half to a person, the parts of themselves they would never share with or expose to the world. They're like the holy grail of secrets and confessions and feelings and teen angst. 

Even though angst can suck I love feeling angsty purely for the experience of being an angsty teenager and how being in that very state of angst helps enable me to live vicariously through cool people in movies and TV shows, like Ivy (my favorite movie) and Lisa and Paulie. Sometimes being hormonal sucks but other times it's just great because it helps you to achieve the full experience of teendom as well as all its highs and lows, which I treasure, which is weird of me. I feel like being a teenager is the best time ever because of how it's this time to venture into new directions and take risks and be a freak or a geek and laugh too loud and get depressed and scream and shave your head and make out with guys you don't know the name of and spend all night going to random diners and spying on people with your best friend and running through fields yelling the lyrics to some song by Stevie Nicks and starting a band that never ends up rehearsing or performing and redecorating your room a thousand times over, each time to represent the new you that will inevitably change tomorrow. I just love that. I know I'm looking at this in a totally romanticized perspective, because some people are actually clinically depressed which isn't fun for the experience and is actually serious and horrible and not enjoyable in the slightest bit, but other times the roller coaster that is teendom, for me at least, is really exciting and fun even when I feel like crap.

to represent how concerts seem to be a right of passage for life and a huge part of teendom

to represent the importance of journals diaries in the lives of many teens

to represent that fun with friends is timeless

to represent hating society and being independent

to represent having fun at the beach

to represent that fabulosity of paul mccartney

to represent the importance and awesomeness of david bowie in one's life

to represent that slut shaming is wrong and that it's virtually impossible to actually be a slut


journals rock

Currently busying myself with procrastination and blogs. It's funny how everyday I say to myself, "Eva, when you get home from school, you will not wait to do your homework. You will just do it." And yet, every day, I come home, and suddenly it's seven o'clock and I've waisted four hours of visual internet excitement via blogs/youtube/magazines/tumblr/facebook, and all I want to do is sleep and eat and burp and not do my homework. This really has to stop.

I'm always able to get my homework done, but my rate of exhaustion during the time it takes me to finish my homework drives me perpetually insane. I've been feeling so stressed out lately and fatigued and just so anxious for summer/freedom/fun. I like school, but at the same time, everyone needs a break after a while. I commend those kids who can tolerate those year round schools. I don't think I'd last.

Anyway, I've been writing like a psycho lately in my journals, which I love. I actually just finished one yesterday that I'd been writing in since 2008! I started writing in a new one today, and it feels like I'm telling a stranger my innermost thoughts and secrets. Funny how you can get so attached an inanimate object. My new journal has a cool cat on it, and it's small and square. My grandma and grandpa gave it to me a few Hanukkahs ago, and it has some random blurbs from 2008 and some crappy skirt drawings and shitty Hebrew written in it.

All my cool journals. The top left (orange) is the journal I just finished. The one with the white heart to the right is where I record inspiration/lists of cool people/things/blog ideas/fashion stuff. The small cat one is the one I'm currently writing in. It has tons of embarrassing crap from 5th grade that I "forgot" to photograph.The quality of the photos all suck. I know. I can't wait to start writing in the Beatle's journal I got at Walgreens. It's the one right below the cat one with the circles.

Who wouldn't wanna wear this bad boy.

I was even a great writer then, I know. My articulation and clarity was just unfathomable.

This post is short, but I just felt like doing a brief post on my day/feelings and stuff.

Do you keep a journal/diary?