Great Music + Etc.

For some reason I continue gravitating back to this blog - there are moments when I want to start a new one, and perhaps one day I will. I am feeling inspired again. I have taken a hiatus from every possible activity that requires me to reflect and overanalyze what I am exposing myself too. Instead I have been spending time fully immersing myself in it all - diving deeply into the far reaches of the things I find so mesmerizing.

I have been getting obsessed with music lately in a way I haven't been before. It's been only recently that every aspect of a song - the lyrics, melody, instrumentals, editing, etc inspire me. Perhaps it's because I'm starting to play more music on my own and have plans to start a band with a friend once I'm back at school. I think I appreciate music in a different way now... my musical appreciation is changing and developing in a way I am proud of and excited about.

My first year at university was incredibly eye-opening. I grew to become self-empowered in a way that made me realize how previously un-empowered I was feeling. I met some of the most creative, inspiring, kind individuals I think I have ever come across. I challenged myself, pushed my boundaries, was broken down by nasty people and built myself back up on my own, and I feel stronger for it. I am 20 now and for the first time in years I am coming to believe that each new year I gain does not feel as devastatingly heavy and old as I used to think. I am now thankful and feel blessed in new ways for the years I acquire. I am learning that youth transcends age and time. I am internalizing that it is never too late to begin something new, and I feel wiser for it.

And with that, here are the things I have discovered in the recent past that I love. Please enjoy.

This beautiful debut album by young high school graduate Annie Blackman is absolutely mesmerizing. It is evocative, fresh, and insatiably addictive. Each song evokes an earnest self-reflection, all of which work together to create a truth-seeking ballad to youth, heartbreak, and growing up. 

Here is an interview with Annie Blackman for Crybaby Zine. Or follow her Instagram @ghostgirlly.

I have been a longtime obsessive fan of Angel Olsen. Her voice is like no other and manages to envelop you in a powerful craze of passion, truth, and sadness. Her songs are eery to me in a hauntingly beautiful way. Her lyrics are like poetry. I can't get enough. I spent my entire day lying on my floor listening to her songs over and over again, trying (unsuccessfully) to get my voice to match hers.


she has funny cars

Lately I've been listening to Jefferson Airplanes album Surrealistic Pillow nonstop. I have it on vinyl (thanks dad) but have also been playing it via youtube when I'm so pathetically lazy to the point that I can't bring myself to get up off my butt and flip the record and click play. These, in truth, are the days I most pity myself. I am lame. I am human.

Listening to this album makes me long for the ability to dance in impressive ways and move beatlessly to the music. Jefferson Airplane, for those unfamiliar, was a band in the 1960s, originally from San Francisco, that pioneered the psychedelic rock movement. Its original members included Marty Balin, Spencer Dryden, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, and Grace Slick. Founding band member Marty Balin was inspired by bands like the Byrds and Simon & Garfunkel and wanted to continue merging folk music with classic rock to create new, groundbreaking sound. In addition to inspiring young and rebellious youth everywhere, they also headlined Woodstock in 1969. Two songs on Jefferson Airplane's album Surrealistic Pillow were included on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." My favorite song on the album is "She has Funny Cars." 

The drum in the beginning of "She Has Funny Cars" reminds me of this old Disney cartoon called Blame it on the Samba from 1948. Supposedly, the "Best Animated Short" category at the Oscars was created in response to this animated cartoon. 

Here is a quick interview with Jefferson Airplane and talk show host Dick Clark. 

here i am. back again. fuckin' around.

I've been home from college about a week. I finished my first year and survived. I still have no idea what I want to study and I'm considering transferring. Things are good though. Just feeling restless.

My goal this summer is to get my written and visual work published. I've had this goal for two or three years now, but each time I've made it I've failed to actively pursue it and submit my work. I think a lot of it has to do with self doubt, but I'm slowly getting over that. I'm starting to believe in myself more and I'm also just pushing myself to produce as much work as possible. I'm excited to start sharing it more formally.

Right now I'm in the process of creating stop motion movies, drawings, and writing essays that I'm hoping to submit to different online publications.

Soon I plan to make a *real* and *professional* website for my writing and artwork. Hopefully publications will tkae me more *seriously* if I do that.

photos from stop motion video I'm making. 

Besides that I have my same job at the Sockshop - I worked there last summer as well. I think it'll be fun, but I'm hoping to get an internship at a museum or art gallery. Sadly I missed most of the deadlines for museum internships, so I'm hoping a kindly patron at an art gallery will have my free labor.

chopped my hair off at school. feelin' good.

 sending love to my roomies <3 
 with anthony getting tacos
me and max, somewhere?

yes, the bathroom is sick as fuck.