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For some reason I continue gravitating back to this blog - there are moments when I want to start a new one, and perhaps one day I will. I am feeling inspired again. I have taken a hiatus from every possible activity that requires me to reflect and overanalyze what I am exposing myself too. Instead I have been spending time fully immersing myself in it all - diving deeply into the far reaches of the things I find so mesmerizing.

I have been getting obsessed with music lately in a way I haven't been before. It's been only recently that every aspect of a song - the lyrics, melody, instrumentals, editing, etc inspire me. Perhaps it's because I'm starting to play more music on my own and have plans to start a band with a friend once I'm back at school. I think I appreciate music in a different way now... my musical appreciation is changing and developing in a way I am proud of and excited about.

My first year at university was incredibly eye-opening. I grew to become self-empowered in a way that made me realize how previously un-empowered I was feeling. I met some of the most creative, inspiring, kind individuals I think I have ever come across. I challenged myself, pushed my boundaries, was broken down by nasty people and built myself back up on my own, and I feel stronger for it. I am 20 now and for the first time in years I am coming to believe that each new year I gain does not feel as devastatingly heavy and old as I used to think. I am now thankful and feel blessed in new ways for the years I acquire. I am learning that youth transcends age and time. I am internalizing that it is never too late to begin something new, and I feel wiser for it.

And with that, here are the things I have discovered in the recent past that I love. Please enjoy.

This beautiful debut album by young high school graduate Annie Blackman is absolutely mesmerizing. It is evocative, fresh, and insatiably addictive. Each song evokes an earnest self-reflection, all of which work together to create a truth-seeking ballad to youth, heartbreak, and growing up. 

Here is an interview with Annie Blackman for Crybaby Zine. Or follow her Instagram @ghostgirlly.

I have been a longtime obsessive fan of Angel Olsen. Her voice is like no other and manages to envelop you in a powerful craze of passion, truth, and sadness. Her songs are eery to me in a hauntingly beautiful way. Her lyrics are like poetry. I can't get enough. I spent my entire day lying on my floor listening to her songs over and over again, trying (unsuccessfully) to get my voice to match hers.


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