i really like to draw

I've been drawing a lot lately, and these are some of my drawings. I did a series of drawings where I doodled on my favorite celebrities' faces and stuff, and then accented them with glitter, and then about 15 minutes ago I decided to draw a pepper.

Marilyn Monroe


John Lennon

Courtney Love

Leo DiCaprio

Winona Ryder

Audrey Hepburn

Frida Kahlo

Paul McCartney

David Bowie

A pepper. I'm not sure if it's finished yet. If you have any advice or tips on how to make it better, please share!


a very potter musical

YO YO WUSSUP DAWGS. For the past few nights, I've been spending quite the few hours adapting A Very Potter Musical. It's been a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but also extremely fun, rewarding, and satisfying. I've been struggling though when it comes to cutting/editing the longer scenes, due to the fact that I have to basically watch the musical, then rewatch whatever part I just watched, then type some of the lines, then rewatch the part again, figure out what I want to keep and what needs to get cut, and then type some more, and repeat. It takes me about two hours to transcribe three-ish scenes, and as of now I have transcribed five. I have a long way to go because as I recall there are about twenty scenes all together. THIS MUST SOUND REALLY AGONIZINGLY TEDIOUS AND STRENUOUS AND BORDERLINE SUCKISH. IT IS BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. I JUST WANTED TO CLARIFY.

I'm usually pretty lazy , but I'm really proud of myself because I'm actually DOING SOMETHING and it's taking a lot of effort and hard work and I'm really having to crank out them brain muscles. The whole reason I'm doing this though, is because I'm hoping that once I finish adapting the script, my school will agree to perform it for the Spring Musical. I think it would be sooooo fun! I wish I could act but I literally CANNOT ACT. Like, I just cannot act. Like, I can't. Like, it just isn't gonna happen. Like, I try, but it doesn't work. I'm just bad. Like, really bad. Like, bad to the bone. Like, I want to be good and I think acting seems super fun but I just can't do it. Like, I just can't. Like, my stage fright is just too extreme, and like, I just get too nervous, and like, I just can't. Like, you know what I'm saying?

Also, for those of you asking me "DUDE  YOU STUPID GIRL JUST DOWNLOAD A SCRIPT ONLINE."
Well, EXCUSE ME. But due to copyright issues or whatever, there are no scripts available online, so for those of us who are very passionate about HP and stuff, we have to do this the old fashioned way: Get what you can online and whatever you can't find, transcribe on your own. JPLAY I'm really transcribing, like, all of it on my own.

I'm excited though! Like, OMG I'M JUST SO EXCITED FOR LIFE. I'm pumped for the Fall play at my school, because I'm going to volunteer as Costume Person. It's a really abstract title, I know, but Costume Person basically just goes and gets/finds/buys/makes all the costumes for the play. I know what you're thinking, like, WTF, why on Earth would the person who gets costumes for a play, be called "Costume Person." I agree. It's seriously retarded and reflects poorly on the people I surround myself with. Shun me. I deserve it.



So, summer is coming to an end. It's very sad, but strangely, I am somewhat excited for school. Despite the fact that my science teacher is said to be mean, unapproachable, impossible, and the creator of 20+ page study guides for finals, I have a feeling that this is going to be a really great year. I've just been feeling all inspired and cool lately, you know, just hella swaggie and shizz, and I think I was meant to live the life of a character in Pretty in Pink, or, like... The Virgin Suicides. Mainly just aesthetically. I've also been attempting to channel the mindset of Madonna when I'm in need of a boost of fearlessness. And also, I think I'm really beginning to figure out my style. Last year my style could be summed up as ugly. I've been getting really obsessed with two piece sets. ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND. When I say two piece set, I mean a skirt and a top, of the same pattern. The skirt is semi high waisted, and the top is semi cropped. So basically a dress cut in half!! I have yet to obtain one of these, so I'm planning on going thrifting tomorrow to find some cute dresses I can DIY to make into my dream outfit. I'm also in desperate need of some denim jackets that I can DIY. After seeing this amazing photo diary on Rookie by Eleanor, I just need to quench my desire to create something BEAUTIFUL that I can WEAR made of DENIM. I'm gonna be one cool lookin' girl this year, with my Bikini Kill jacket, my Madonna mindset, and my two piece attire.

Feel free to admire this rad iPad photo quality. It really captured the beauty of my diary. I decorated my diary myself, and personally took it upon myself to write my motto: LIFE IS LIFE, in glitter glue of various colors, and then add some plastic gems and butterflies for aesthetic pleasure. I have been kind of a diary addict lately, and I've been writing non-stop. My mind is usually racing every way POSSIBLE with different ideas and thoughts and outfits to wear and things to do and stories to write and art to make, and I'm always jumping back and forth between every thought and idea, which kind of makes me go insane, so I need to write it all down so that I don't worry about forgetting any of it. I also tend to write about worries/boys/music/amazing days/schemes, etc. A lot of people, like my friend Maya who I met at the Rookie meet up who is to my right in the photo of me in my BK jacket (she is wearing a yellow collar), have the most BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING diaries/journals with all these awesome collages and artwork and prettiness and shit. Mine is mainly just pages and pages of words, but I like it like that. I tend to hoard stuff, too, like the other day I saved all the wrappers from my tootsie pops, and I decided to cut 'em up and make a cool collage in my journal, including my favorite Frida Kahlo quote, "I paint flowers so they will not die," which I will probably write on my next diary/journal. I think my blog is also like my diary in someway, but it's more so ideas/inspiration and stuff I want to share with people and get opinions on, rather than the more personal sterf that I wouldn't want strangers to know, if you get my drift. 

My FUCKING AWESOME Bikini Kill jacket via Etsy. I wore it to the Rookie Mag meetup, it was a great way to make friends. I think Tavi may have inadvertently started a cult... but it's okay because this is like, a healthy, flower crown making, glitter throwing cult. We aren't creepy or forcefully religious or anything. This super girl named Erika took the photo, but I can't remember her blog or Tumblr in order to credit her.

1. Go For It by Hot Sundae
2. Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
3. Lucky Star by Madonna
4. Make Me a Believer by Patty Smyth
5. Butterflies by Sia
6. True Colors by Cyndi Lauper
7. No Mistakes by Patty Smyth
8. Dreaming by Blondie
10. Mercy by Duffy



Just a collage and drawing I made/drew. I may make another tumblr or blog where I just post all the art I make, just so I can keep track of it and stuff. I'm also working on this series of paintings that are an abstract take on the galaxy and stuff. The collage kind of fits into the galaxy theme actually.


porn star academy

Petra Collins is probably my all time favorite artist/photographer. This is a series of watercolors she did that I love to death. 


blonde ambition

A collection of pretty pictures to fuel you. I've been getting really obsessed with muted colors and 60s/70s photography vibes lately. These are some of my favorite photos I've come across recently via tumblr. I am/was tempted to organize these nicely but I'm too lazy and each picture deserves to be on its own rather than conjoined with another. 

Unfortunately I've lost practically all the sources since tumblr is wack, so please let me know if any belong to you or if you know of the artist/creator man/woman. Just send me an email or comment below so I can credit the rightful person!


blurbs about power and evolution

The following are some cool passages I found on tumblr. I agree 100% with both. When I was first reading the Riot Grrrl one, I was like "WTF is this shit? How can we be expected to forget about a feminist movement that is awesome?" but then I read the last line, about Riot Grrrl being an evolution I was like FUCK YES. I think rather than obsessing over the Riot Grrrl of the 90s, we need to evolve it and make it valid for today. I encourage everyone to read both blurbs. I know some people consider reading a burden, but this is some cool fucking stuff that I'm sure you will find really interesting and eye opening. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and opinions!

A reminder on why we need to focus on ourselves, rather than others. Written by Cassie.
No, for real. We do. I love riot grrrl as much as the next girl in a band who does the occasional Bratmobile cover. But let’s put that scene to rest. Let’s leave it in the ’90s.
There’s a whole different scene these days— with some of the old spirit, but with some new faces, the new forum that is the internet, new possibilities for gender expression, some new experiences (and not-so-new-experiences, like racism) that the old riot grrrls never really spoke to. 
I think about this a lot, with my comic Riot Grrrl Problems, which I’ve hit a stand-still with. Because I, as a Latina, am really trying to wrestle with the idea of tackling race in what’s supposed to be a funny comic. I thought of revealing Katie as someone who had a brown mother, but I realized the whole point of the cartoon is “White Girl Problems” with a punk filter. I want my white protagonist to say something racist at a show. I want her to be confronted with brown punx in her precious white space, and I want her to handle it poorly, I want her to think about the stuff she’s never wanted to think about, I want her to grow the fuck up because at some point, all riot grrrls have to grow the fuck up, all of them are gonna have to face a world that they’re not familiar with, people who don’t care about their zines or their music or their circular discussions about how it’s perfectly a-okay to like sex.
Riot grrrls started their scene because they wanted it to grow and to evolve. So let’s do it. Let’s come up with something good.

In pop culture, girls who crush hopelessly on guys they can’t have are painted as just that – hopeless. Over and over again, we’re taught that girls who openly express sexual or romantic interest in guys who don’t want them are pitiable, stalkerish, desperate, crazy bitches. More often than not, they’re also portrayed as ugly – whether physically, emotionally or both – in order to further establish their undesirability as an objective fact. Both narratively and, as a consequence, in real life, men are given free reign to snub, abuse, mislead and talk down to such women: we’re raised to believe that female desire is unseemly, so that any consequent shaming is therefore deserved. There is no female-equivalent Friend Zone terminology because, in the language of our culture, a man’s romantic choices are considered sacrosanct and inviolable. If a girl has been told no, then she has only herself to blame for anything that happens next – but if a woman says no, then she must not really mean it. Or, if she does, she shouldn’t: the rejected man is a universally sympathetic figure, and everyone from moviegoers to platonic onlookers will scream at her to justgive him a chance, as though her rejection must always be unfounded rather than based on the fact that he had a chance, and blew it. And even then, give him another one! The pathos of Single Nice Guys can only be eased by pity-sex with unwilling women that blossoms into romance!
Lamenting the Friendzone, or: The Nice Guy Approach to Perpetuating Sexist Bullshit  (via waschbar)


one whole year!

WAHOO! It's officially a very belated blog-anniversary. It's funny, because practically all of June I was like "Eva, your one year blog-anniversary is literally so close." And then I completely forgot about it until yesterday. My blog-anniversary was on July 10th, which is really exciting! I meant to do a really spirited and celebratory post, but I'm tired and am lacking in cool photos to share with you all. I'm really surprised I've kept up with my blog for this long, and that I've been able to post somewhat consistently for an entire twelve months. I really like the fact that I can record the things I've worn and laugh-*cough* cringe *cough*-at myself for wearing such gross things only months earlier. I've always felt like my blog has been my "secret, private thing" which is SO COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY IRONIC, but what I mean is it's my secret/private thing from the people I am around on a daily basis. It's kind of nice just being able to talk about things and share ideas with people who have similar interests and ways of thinking. A lot of the things I talk about on my blog are things I don't necessarily discuss with my friends, such as Riot Grrrl, so it's been really cool meeting/talking/bonding with other humanoids who also like Riot Grrrl. When I first started blogging, I considered my blog a fashion blog, but I realize now that it's kind of just miscellaneous (props to me for spelling miscellaneous right on the first try dawg) because I literally post about anything and everything on here. I think my blog is basically just a big mood board for my life.

OMG AND ALSO. I have been meaning to post about this for like, 2 or 3 posts now, but LOOK AT MY BANNER! I changed it. I looooooove it. I made it on Doodlebuddy because I really wanted it to look professional, hence the reason why I used such a professional app. I literally think it's the best thing in the world and it's by far my favorite banner I've ever had. I've been changing my banners around a lot lately because I haven't been able to find one I like, but then I realized how much I love Bebe's banner and it's hand-drawn vibe, so I got inspired and made my own! All the hairstyles are intended to be really cute and I did a different style of bang on each one. I didn't do eyes because eyes are for chumps and lips are the shit so yeah. What do you think?