So, summer is coming to an end. It's very sad, but strangely, I am somewhat excited for school. Despite the fact that my science teacher is said to be mean, unapproachable, impossible, and the creator of 20+ page study guides for finals, I have a feeling that this is going to be a really great year. I've just been feeling all inspired and cool lately, you know, just hella swaggie and shizz, and I think I was meant to live the life of a character in Pretty in Pink, or, like... The Virgin Suicides. Mainly just aesthetically. I've also been attempting to channel the mindset of Madonna when I'm in need of a boost of fearlessness. And also, I think I'm really beginning to figure out my style. Last year my style could be summed up as ugly. I've been getting really obsessed with two piece sets. ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND. When I say two piece set, I mean a skirt and a top, of the same pattern. The skirt is semi high waisted, and the top is semi cropped. So basically a dress cut in half!! I have yet to obtain one of these, so I'm planning on going thrifting tomorrow to find some cute dresses I can DIY to make into my dream outfit. I'm also in desperate need of some denim jackets that I can DIY. After seeing this amazing photo diary on Rookie by Eleanor, I just need to quench my desire to create something BEAUTIFUL that I can WEAR made of DENIM. I'm gonna be one cool lookin' girl this year, with my Bikini Kill jacket, my Madonna mindset, and my two piece attire.

Feel free to admire this rad iPad photo quality. It really captured the beauty of my diary. I decorated my diary myself, and personally took it upon myself to write my motto: LIFE IS LIFE, in glitter glue of various colors, and then add some plastic gems and butterflies for aesthetic pleasure. I have been kind of a diary addict lately, and I've been writing non-stop. My mind is usually racing every way POSSIBLE with different ideas and thoughts and outfits to wear and things to do and stories to write and art to make, and I'm always jumping back and forth between every thought and idea, which kind of makes me go insane, so I need to write it all down so that I don't worry about forgetting any of it. I also tend to write about worries/boys/music/amazing days/schemes, etc. A lot of people, like my friend Maya who I met at the Rookie meet up who is to my right in the photo of me in my BK jacket (she is wearing a yellow collar), have the most BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING diaries/journals with all these awesome collages and artwork and prettiness and shit. Mine is mainly just pages and pages of words, but I like it like that. I tend to hoard stuff, too, like the other day I saved all the wrappers from my tootsie pops, and I decided to cut 'em up and make a cool collage in my journal, including my favorite Frida Kahlo quote, "I paint flowers so they will not die," which I will probably write on my next diary/journal. I think my blog is also like my diary in someway, but it's more so ideas/inspiration and stuff I want to share with people and get opinions on, rather than the more personal sterf that I wouldn't want strangers to know, if you get my drift. 

My FUCKING AWESOME Bikini Kill jacket via Etsy. I wore it to the Rookie Mag meetup, it was a great way to make friends. I think Tavi may have inadvertently started a cult... but it's okay because this is like, a healthy, flower crown making, glitter throwing cult. We aren't creepy or forcefully religious or anything. This super girl named Erika took the photo, but I can't remember her blog or Tumblr in order to credit her.

1. Go For It by Hot Sundae
2. Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
3. Lucky Star by Madonna
4. Make Me a Believer by Patty Smyth
5. Butterflies by Sia
6. True Colors by Cyndi Lauper
7. No Mistakes by Patty Smyth
8. Dreaming by Blondie
10. Mercy by Duffy


  1. I have also been making journals n stuff for school.
    Your jacket really is fucking badass. impossible levels of jealously here.
    also your header <333

  2. Wow, I love this post! I wish I had your fearless, badass mindset! I too have recently stumbled upon a love for writing in a diary, though mine isn't nearly as awesome as yours!

  3. I cannot express how RAD you and your blog are! Everything here is basically the definition of badassery. Also, your diary? Very, very, VERY rad. (I really overused the word rad here, I know.)-Britney

  4. your journal is so dreamy as is the mix you made. soo badass

  5. I follow your blog here and your tumblr (I'm WaywardWallflower there) and I didn't realise each were the same um person until just now! And also ugh that jacket. Wow. Loverrrly journals too - I have been doing much the same.



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