one whole year!

WAHOO! It's officially a very belated blog-anniversary. It's funny, because practically all of June I was like "Eva, your one year blog-anniversary is literally so close." And then I completely forgot about it until yesterday. My blog-anniversary was on July 10th, which is really exciting! I meant to do a really spirited and celebratory post, but I'm tired and am lacking in cool photos to share with you all. I'm really surprised I've kept up with my blog for this long, and that I've been able to post somewhat consistently for an entire twelve months. I really like the fact that I can record the things I've worn and laugh-*cough* cringe *cough*-at myself for wearing such gross things only months earlier. I've always felt like my blog has been my "secret, private thing" which is SO COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY IRONIC, but what I mean is it's my secret/private thing from the people I am around on a daily basis. It's kind of nice just being able to talk about things and share ideas with people who have similar interests and ways of thinking. A lot of the things I talk about on my blog are things I don't necessarily discuss with my friends, such as Riot Grrrl, so it's been really cool meeting/talking/bonding with other humanoids who also like Riot Grrrl. When I first started blogging, I considered my blog a fashion blog, but I realize now that it's kind of just miscellaneous (props to me for spelling miscellaneous right on the first try dawg) because I literally post about anything and everything on here. I think my blog is basically just a big mood board for my life.

OMG AND ALSO. I have been meaning to post about this for like, 2 or 3 posts now, but LOOK AT MY BANNER! I changed it. I looooooove it. I made it on Doodlebuddy because I really wanted it to look professional, hence the reason why I used such a professional app. I literally think it's the best thing in the world and it's by far my favorite banner I've ever had. I've been changing my banners around a lot lately because I haven't been able to find one I like, but then I realized how much I love Bebe's banner and it's hand-drawn vibe, so I got inspired and made my own! All the hairstyles are intended to be really cute and I did a different style of bang on each one. I didn't do eyes because eyes are for chumps and lips are the shit so yeah. What do you think?


  1. I completely understand what you mean!! I don't really discuss the super cool awesome stuff I read about and write about(sometimes..) on my blog with people at school at stuff. That is actually kind of surprising, because I thought all of you super cool blogging people had super cool awesome friends who you had super cool conversations with.

    I actually really like your banner, it looks really professional and awesome! Keep up your wicked miscellaneousness! (I had to look up to be able to spell that:)


  2. Happy birthday to your blog! I love the new header so much, i literally want it.

  3. HAPPY BLOG-ANNIVERSARY! and I love the new banner so much Eva!


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