being a one direction fangirl

I hung out with my friend Natalie today. We had a lot of fun and probably walked 5 or 6 miles. We ate all along the way because we felt like eating, and since we're human and need food to survive. Here is a list of everything I ate today.

Cheese focaccia
Two cinnamon rolls
Chicken won tons
A soda
Sour dough roll
Spring rolls
Another soda


Anyway, at the start of the day I was wearing this outfit. It's from Amanda. We did a trade. The skirt is amazing and full of galaxy vibes and I loooooove it. The outfit got uncomfortable an hour or so later though, so then I traded the skirt in for some leggings and put on an 80s denim jacket that looked AWESOME and wore that instead. Natalie and I continued walking around, playing One Direction and holding back tears. We plan on going to their concert next year and then meeting them afterwards. We are going to play it cool and be suave though and not scream (why would we in the first place. they're just hot, suave boys who can sing and stuff) and just be cool and suave. Suave. Suave suave.

My face is very squinty because I'm cool.

We mainly fangirled over One Direction, but kept it classy and somewhat reserved since we want to marry them all someday. Yeah, that's right. One. After. The. Other. (Just kidding that was a joke we're classy people with class.) My friend Natalie is really obsessed with them though. She dedicated an ENTIRE WALL to posters of them. She then tried to look non-creepy by adding some random non-One Direction photos to the mix, but it doesn't work because it's literally ALL 1D photos, and then some random other photos with more 1D mixed in. Keep in mind she bought magazines SPECIFICALLY FOR THE POSTERS. When I asked her what she would do if I tore one off the wall, she said "I'd probably punch you. And then cry." Obviously she isn't a hardcore fan. She also has a tumblr dedicated to One Direction, specifically Zayn, complete with some sexual tags about licking their faces and said members being hot ass holes. Hotttttttt. I highly recommend you follow her tumblr, because if you're a decent human being you obviously love One Direction too. She also has great taste in 1D photos, and her captions are very nice and explicit, totally appropriate for kids of all ages. ♥

As we walked around town, we took breaks periodically to indulge in One Direction's magical tunez. I attempted to sing One Thing, but I was so bad that Natalie said I wasn't worthy of singing any One Direction song, as my voice is so bad it takes away the beauty of the music. BUT DON'T WORRY I'M STILL GOING TO SING THEM. I honestly think One Direction is way more fangirlable than Justin Bieber. 

DO YOU LOVE ONE DIRECTION? WHY/WHY NOT? Who are other awesome musicians who rock life?


  1. I don't care about One Direction. Like, I don't care. At all. Hate it? More power to you. Love it? Fantastic, keep the good vibes goin', yo!

    Also, what you listed as your meals for the entire day = me in one hour watching The Bachelorette. Hi, my name is I Have A Life.

    1. OMG I KNOW. I literally just ate half a box of crackers in like 20 minutes. Eating is probably the activity I do most often everyday. It's kind of sat but so enjoyable at the same time.

  2. ahaha go 1D! I went to one of their Australian concerts which was super lucky - they were pretty small concerts and there were so many disappointed girls. My AMAZING friend got 22 of us tickets so it was like one big chunk of us versus the rest of the arena! It was so cool, someone said to me, "oh yeah, I heard some girls got like 22 tickets or something!" never been so proud, I was like, "THAT'S US!"
    I super recommend going to their concert it was thoroughly amazing. It was such a One Direction concert, like they weren't trying to be anything else and typical boy-band-y, i.e. it was very original and it seriously didn't even feel like a concert, more like one big party. Their stage presence is incredible and they spoke to everyone, even the people at the back.
    Whew. As we can see it is quite the experience. It WILL make you a different person.
    By the way food rules. :)

  3. Ahh! The skirt looks so great on you! I am happy it arrived! And yes One Direction is really good! No problem with that! No one should make fun of anyones music taste, cause it can be a really personal or important thing to them!

  4. "I honestly think One Direction is way more fangirlable than Justin Bieber."
    so true!
    fangirls are hot :p :)
    cool outfit!

  5. I have pretty much identical bowling shoes! *joins cult* no but seriously I love your blog and there's nothing nonsensical about being a one direction fangirl, they're corny but corn is good, no one can help but appreciate it! Perhaps it's innate teenage mentality to fangirl over them/cool stuff, I don't know. In an otherwise un-mawkish way, The Zombies are a group that 'totally rock life (people need to know about these guys more)! XXX

  6. I really don't like One Direction, though they have more going for them than Justin Beiber or anyone, because at least they can play instruments. It just isn't my thing, but it's great that you admit to liking it because I know tons of people who like it but would never admit to it. It just makes you even more likeable.

  7. Can we talk about how your skirt has wonderful Ms. Frizzle vibes. So great!

    1. OH MY GOSH IT SO DOES. I didn't even realize!!

  8. I used to be obsessed with one direction. then I just suddenly got over it. But I still really do get why people are obsessed with them.
    You look amazing. Amanda makes SUCH amazing clothes. that skirt is the best thing.

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