animals are people too!

I've noticed I've been getting fatter lately. This isn't to say that I'm upset about it/think I'm fat, it just means, "yo, i've been getting fatter lately" hence, "yo, i'm gaining weight."

I honestly don't give a darn. This is a girl who likes to eat and will eat now and for eternity! As long as I'm healthy and happy life is fine.

Also, I'm trying to clean up mah profanity via the blog, because I applied for that Teen Vogue blog thing, and I had all the right requirements, other than I wrote words such as SHIT FUCK BITCH HOEBAG BUTT FACE TWAT DICK HEAD and stuff like that, which I suppose could POTENTIALLY go against their rule of "no profanity in blogs." Then again, if they don't want me for what my blog is then I don't want them either! So FUCK IT. I'll swear if I want to via virtual pixels that represent letters! I ain't changin' fer anyone.

Been getting intensely obsessed with environmental politics lately, which is to say just the whole preserving of the environment/stop cutting down trees/stop polluting(air, oceans, all that great stuff)/which all ties into my obsession with animal rights/just taking care of the environment! It's literally something I really, really believe in. I'm trying to stop using shampoo/conditioner/acne creams/all that crap that ends up going down the drain and into our oceans! It's a small thing, but I could seriously just put some mayo/lemon/olive oil/avocado/vinegar in my hair and get an even better shampoo. Of course, I'd have to figure out a way to get rid of the food smell, so I'd probably buy some organic, eco-friendly conditioner and stuff. I've also been super obsessed with really natural looks. Minimal makeup, earthy clothing vibes, natural hair (hence no straightening or curling) and wearing my awesome vest that says SAVE THE ANIMALS on the back! made it mahself cuz im the shit.

I guess overall I'm just trying to reduce my output of toxic waste. Which sounds like I'm talking about my poop, but no worries, I'm not, because poop can actually be a REALLY good fertilizer (har har.... failed attempt at being funny.)

Anyway, yeah. I think a lot of times, us humans, being annoying, put ourselves and our needs, no matter how trivial or materialistic, before that of the environment/nature/animals. I swear on my LIFE, that at least one product in your shower tests on animals, meaning that your Pantene shampoo that you love so dearly because it just makes your hair look fucking AWESOME (it doesn't. The food I listed above could do even better. Suck dat) tested that shampoo on animals, meaning when it was yet to be safe, they'd put it on animals, and in animals eyes. This could cause the animals to experience painful blistering and burns, and BLINDNESS. I know it's hard, and we all slip up a shitload and buy those animal tested products, but fear not! For I found a list of products that tests on animals! It doesn't list all the products, but it lists a lot! So hopefully my persuasive, inspiring typing skills will have encouraged you enough to carry this list around with you when you go buy important stuff like nail polish and eye shadow and shaving cream so that you don't support those annoying fucking companies that torture animals to make money! Because THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES. Like synthetic skins and stuff that doesn't hurt anyone, but still produces safe products! List To Stop Buying Shit That Harms And Hurts And Tortures Animals So We Can Have "Pretty" Hair And Smell Like Bubble Bath (To Smell Like Bubble Bath Try Taking a Bath.) Unfortunately this list is very long, which makes me sad. Feel free to call all these companies and give 'em a piece of your minds! Hence, anger!

*By the way, if you have a pet, don't feed them IAMs pet food. IAMs tests on animals.

Here is the speech I wrote and read in front of half the school+parents and faculty. It was really great spreading the word about fur farms. I felt empowered.

Sorry it's kinda blurry and gray. I had to photography it because last time I used my dad's scanner I temporarily broke his computer. Hopefully it's still legible!

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  1. Awesome! I am vegetarian and I totally agree with what you are saying. I didn't read your essay because I get really upset by stuff like that but I'm sure it's really good! Also, I think it's cool you are trying to reflect your beliefs in what you wear! Rock on!



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