alexander mcqueen

I am a huge fan of Alexander McQueen. His designs are just so beautiful and magical and they really make you feel and develop all these vibes and connections to other things. His suicide really makes me sad. It's still so unreal and weird to actually remember he isn't here anymore. He was the first designer that I actually claimed to be my favorite designer, and a designer that I felt expressed my most inner most thoughts and feelings through his clothes. It's tragic and confusing and it's still so hard for me to wrap my head around. His designs are still so expressive of his aesthetic, which in some ways is reassuring that his spirit is still "here," which I'm cringing at writing because it just sounds so cliché and contrived, but I dunno. I feel like his spirit is still roaming and influencing the world. I believe in spirits. I know I'm really late with this collection but I just haven't really been sure what to make of it. The clothes are so perfect and more like sculptures to me than anything else and I know my analysis is semi-stupid but I like the ideas I came up with and I think my interpretation of the collection is accurate of the clothes. 
I love all the volume in this collection (Fall 2012 RTW.) I think the volume represents freedom and escape and exploration. Sort of like self growth and discovery. The sunglasses are representative of a persons bubble I guess, kind of protecting them from the outside world, and also that little voice in your head that prevents you from taking risks because of the fear of falling and getting hurt. All the texture, i.e. ruffles, pom poms, sequins, tulle, and the prints (see red dress) represent  what makes a person unique and special. It's what makes a person stand out, along with what allows a person to have their own perspective on the world. The fact that the collection is so cohesive yet each outfit has so many aspects and details that differentiate it from the collection as a whole represents society and people in general. We are all unique individuals, but no matter how hard we try to stand out we are still all connected.


  1. loving the collection!



  2. art at its finest


  3. This review is absolutely lovely! McQueen has always been my favorite designer and I think Sarah Burton is absolutely brilliant. The silhouette of each ensemble in this collection is breathtaking.


  4. great inspiration!



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