day of the dead

I've been looking around for new sources of inspiration lately, and I recently stumbled upon the photographer Elle Hardwick. Her photographs are whimsical and magical and beautiful. I really liked this collection of photographs entitled Day of the Dead, because they're just really fucking cool. I like how the girl has flowers in her boots. I saw a photo like that on tumblr and I think the next time I wear boots or Docs I'll stick some plants in them, too.

I also really liked her Meadham Kirchhoff 2012 Feature for Rookie. I'd seen the feature on Rookie, but I forgot about it, and then I saw it on her website and I was dying because it rocks life and is beautiful and perfect and is so true and representative of all the vibes encompassing Meadham Kirchhoff. I dunno. I just really like it.

PS: I am still emotionally attached and extremely in love with what I call the Meadham Kirchhoff Monster Jacket. Honestly, if I had that jacket, I'd probably wear it everyday. I'd probably sleep with it every night underneath my pillow. I'd probably cry every time I wore it, meaning I would cry every second of everyday. Since the odds of me ever having the cash money to buy this jacket is non-existent, I think I'll purposely go to clothing design school just so I can make this jacket for myself. I just need this jacket. FUCK IT'S LITERALLY SO AMAZING I WANNA CRY. (MK Monster Jacket on the right, while the MK Heart jacket is on the left. I love them both, but I love MK Monster more.) (This collection in general is probably my favorite collection of all time.)
photos via style.com


  1. These are really pretty!! The first pictures you posted of Elle Hardwick's seem really reflective of you and your style (in a freakin' awesome way of course!)

  2. so inspire a looooot <3


  3. this post is the best i've seen in ages on any blog. so rich!!
    lurvveeee meadham kirchoff!
    this has made me want to start wearing dresses over tees way more often :)

  4. These photographs are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Friday my dear!

  5. beautiful post!so inspiring!

  6. God that Rookie photoshoot was definitely one of my all time favorites. The funny thing was that until I really started getting into fashion blogging and discovered Tavi, hence Rookie I had no idea who Meadham Kirchoff was or did. Which is funny because I can't imagine life ever not knowing now that I do. :)


  7. love the day of the dead photos!


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