boys and girls and gender

The whole concept of gender is just really weird. Two different types of humans/animals in general, male and female, and our society has defined male and female. It's sick and twisted and confusing. Society has told us that there is a right way to be a girl and a right way to be a boy. Gender stereotypes go both ways, and the stereotypes are very evident in both genders when depicted in society. I don't want to go into what these stereotypes are, but I just find it so weird that being a girl is THIS and being a boy is THAT. I don't think our bodies should make us so different, which is why it's so hard for me to grasp why two people with the same body can't be married legally. Gender isn't even REAL. It's just a figment used to explain the differences between the bodies of males and females. It definitely ties in with equality, but if people are still striving for equality, why do we still even have GENDER? Gender shouldn't even exist! Or should I say, the stereotypes and the ties that define gender shouldn't exist. I am a girl, you are a boy. My name is Eva, yours can be Tom. Other than that, we are completely the same. We are different people, but we are the same. I think sexist people, and misogynists, like... they're hating themselves. We are one species, and we are all connected. If you hate black people or white people or gay people or girls or boys or whatever, you are really just hating yourself, because those people are YOU. Racism and sexism and all that shit is just ridiculous. You are hating what you are, and you are hating the evolution of what you and what your species has become. I'm honestly just so confused right now, and I feel like what I wrote is really confusing because my thoughts are still jumbled and spastic. POOP. GENDER JUST SHOULDN'T EXIST. Because if two girls/two guys can't get married, I shouldn't even be able to marry a boy because we are all the same! We are ONE, which sounds cheesy and annoying but gender is just a figment and a cliché. I love being a girl, but I also hate the stereotypes that come with being a girl. Everything you feel you need to do is a stereotype, and everything you feel you need to do that a guy doesn't need to do is a stereotype, other than like, tampons and periods and stuff like that. A lot of girls don't feel pretty without makeup, because this stereotype has been formed that girls look prettier with makeup than without, while with guys it's "weird" if they wear makeup, and it's all just a big load of stereotype crap! It ties back with "there is no right way to be a girl/guy" but it's so much more than that! Like, of course if you're a girl you can look as masculine as you want if that's what you like, but it goes so much deeper, because the fact that the word masculine is more so a descriptive word for guys than girls, and that when it's used to describe girls it's basically saying they look more androgynous and "manly" or whatever is a stereotype and a double standard and is just discrimination within the whole field of gender. Like, why is masculine a descriptive word for males, or used to address males? And how come when it's used to describe girls it's saying they look like a dude? And when people say guys look feminine, it's saying they look like girl, which is just generalizing a shitload because a lot of girls do or choose to look "masculine!" Like, WHAT IS THIS?!?

I'm probably reading into this too much but I'm just questioning a lot of stuff, which I think is fine. My opinions may make no sense and be weird and totally obscure, but I'm okay with that because at least I'm attempting to question what is right and wrong and just society in general. What do you guys think about this, and what I just talked about?

And, since life shouldn't be this or that and life should just be LIFE, I will once again post one of my favorite songs and music videos by Noah and the Whale called Life is Life. 


  1. Amen! Have you seen the movie Missrepresentation?
    I think you would really like it <3
    Lots of love,

  2. Holy crap. My mind has just been challenged. go Eva.

  3. Wow. Intense.
    Like the lesbian in I think it was My Sister's Keeper (the book) says, focus on the gift, not the packaging it came in.
    Also, on top of your masculine/feminine thing, what also bothers me is how describing a girl as masculine means two things (a) that she is identifying herself with what is traditionally a 'male thing' (read: male stereotype) and (b) she is therefore not doing it right apparently. That is an injustice to both boys and girls.
    I did a five-part females & rights series about two weeks ago you might be interested in, also.

  4. Agreed 1,000%. Racists are literally the most stupid people on earth. There is no justification for being racist. Ever. Same with rape jokes. Godammit.

  5. I agree with a lot of your points and following what Larissa said, man, racism is just.. I don't even know why it freaking exists. I'm not sure about the complete removal of the idea of gender though. I mean, I understand what you're saying and your frustrations and I agree about the stupidity of stereotypes. Like girls having to look a certain way and boys having to live up to a certain masculine 'standard'. I understand completely, because I have to deal with those stupid ideas. For instance, my boyfriend is really skinny, he's shy, a little socially awkward, not loud at all. Most of my family doesn't think he's 'manly' enough. I mean, wtf does that even mean?! Like there's a certain right way to be a PERSON. It's all bullshit. I still think there are some defining differences between a male and female, if only on a biological level. Like periods for instance, my monthly cycle seriously creates some crazy moods for me that my boyfriend could NEVER relate to. Although.. I suppose there are women who never experience periods. I guess the idea of gender should perhaps only exist in scientific terms, because there are many different ways of identifying as a girl or a boy. Then again, if gender didn't exist at all.. no one would really be gay or straight 0__0 hmm, interesting thought. OKAY. I'm confusing myself now. Thanks for this thought provoking post anyway, and cool blog!

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  8. I completely agree! Racists are the most stupid people in the world!
    I loove Noah and the Whales! :)

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