Hello! Today I hung out with my friend Sammy. She took a picture of my outfit with her phone, so it's kind of a sucky picture but hopefully you get the gist of it! I will have better quality photos tomorrow since I'll be bringing my camera with me tomorrow when I see her again! Also feel free to admire her finger, which she oh-so-cleverly put in front of the camera-for the sake of aesthetic-and which is bigger than me since I'm such a small thing.

Phone cameras really suck. It's super annoying. iPhone cameras are the BOMB, but all other cameras suck butt. My friend has a super nice blackberry and yet THIS IS THE BEST PHOTO IT CAN PRODUCE. I think all phones would be much better if the cameras were of better quality. Or maybe they are and my friend just sucks at taking pictures. It could be the latter. 

My boots are gold and super cool. I'm wearing this semi sheer tank top and then this cropped turtleneck underneath that I generously stole from my friend so she wouldn't need to worry about losing it. I'm very considerate. I am also wearing a Bebe cardigan that I really like and still have on because it would require too much energy to take off. I feel really cool because my summer is getting very social. I have plans to hang out with my friend Sammy again like, twice more this week! Not to mention my MULTIPLE FACEBOOK CONVERSATIONS THAT TOOK PLACE ON FACEBOOK. I'm just a social butterfly.

shit pearls from a craft store, necklace my dad got me, borrowed turtleneck, thrifted tank, Bebe cardigan via the thrift store, Forever21 tights via 7th grade, thrifted boots, swag.

These jamz are fricken awesome. The picture is super pixelated from resizing, but the music is spot on! Tons of retro summer vibes!


  1. Love your blog :)
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    Reach me here: ❤Makeup and Beauty Home❤
    Thank you! Have a great day ahead.

  2. love this ♥ you look so cool :)
    i'm following!

  3. Yeah, I know how frustrating that is. I had a blackberry for a year or two and the camera was soooooo bad. Not only did the pictures have terrible quality, but it would take every picture extremely slowly so they were always blurry. I just recently purchased an iPhone and the camera is magnificent! Love this outfit btw, you look very chic!


  4. Amazing! Also, I totally know about being social. I had what? Two interactions so far? It's just so many I am LOSING TRACK. jkLOLZ that's not true. I just saw SPIDERMAN THE OTHER DAY AND IT WAS AHmaizing. *~spelling win~*

    Anyway, I tagged you for a tag! You don't have to do it, but it could be an opportunity to bare yourself to the blogging community! And that's a chance you DON'T WANT TO PASS UP. :)

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  5. You look super cool Eva! love this outfit x
    I don't bother taking pictures with my (ancient) phone because the camera is so bad. And oh yeah, you can only take videos which last 10 seconds. No longer.

  6. You look ravishing! (hehehe I've always wanted to use that word)
    But seriously, I love your blog and your style <3
    IPHONES RULE! <3 <3 <3

  7. Thank you for your comment!

    New Post!


    Irene :)

  8. Pretty spiffy outfit there, girl...I love the layers and the rocker-chic vibe that the lace, black, and leopard have together.

    <3 Cambria

  9. Thanks for you sweet comment! And although you're frustrated with how the picture turned out, I love the outfit! And especially loving the summer jams... Those are actually just what I needed to hear today. Have a lovely week!

    Xo Chelle

  10. Those golden boots are so amazing! Love them!!!! :)
    I just got an iphone...so Im really glad u think the cameras are good, cause I haven't even checked it yet :D


  11. You look great! I love your boots and leopard print!

  12. Love this outfit! Your boots are amazing!

  13. Hey lovely!
    Thank you so much for following, that made my day :)
    And I like this outfit of yours!

  14. Nice photos!


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