Hello! I don't have much to post. I am going to post more outfit posts soon, it's just been so cold and rainy that I've been wearing jeans and a huge wintery jacket. How ironic considering I live in California.

Anyway, today my advisor got mad at me because I "have too much attitude." She told me to do my homework in advisory, and I was like "I don't want to" and she goes "You should do your homework" and I was like "but I don't want to" and then she is like "you should" and I was like "so you're saying I have to?" and she goes "yeah, pretty much. you are distracting everyone." And then I probably did an UGH or an eye roll or bitch face or something, because afterwards she said that my attitude "wasn't great." Whatever. I like having attitude and sass. It's apart of my identity.

I'm also in the process of redecorating my room! I'm currently in search of vintage-y photos of landscapes (basically anything that would be in a National Geographic Magazine, but vintage-y) as well as vintage maps (if you have such things, feel free to email me if you care to DONATE such belongings). I'm planning on plastering my walls with vintage worldly photography, and then getting a map to put above my bed so I can mark all the places I want to visit and dream of travel and the world and the earth every night. My room recently went through a rough patch and barfed on itself, so now I need to clean it.

I've been really inspired by the world and just the naturalness and realness of things. I like things that are raw and uninhibited. I love nature even though I have a bug phobia but I just love the earth. I think that's one reason I'm so fascinated by Native Americans, because rather than conquering the earth like us nasty humans do nowadays, they felt they should respect the earth, and respect the animals and plants surrounding them. They were spiritual and just so fricken awesome. I wish I was part Native American. I wish I could convert to being Native American but that's impossible.

ALSO OMG. I have been so horrible at looking at blogs lately. I'm going to start being a more active blog reader though, especially to those of you who read my blog and we've actually talked and become friends and/or acquaintances! So thanks to all of y'all who actually read my blog regularly because it means a lot and I'm going to start returning the favor!

Bitch Faces for the Heart and Soul

You honestly think you're cool? haha.. okay... 

Walk away. I'm speechless.

*UGH I love these earrings. I got them at a Tibetan store and they make me feel earthy. I love feeling earthyyyy <3 <3 <3


just like, idk. something.

last year i used to try and dress so original and creatively. looking back at what i wore is just completely embarrassing. i was trying so hard to be seen as the person i wanted to be seen as. now i like wearing hot pants and cropped turtle necks if i feel like it, and i like just being happy with my body and stuff and embracing what i actually look like. this isn’t to say i’m totally happy with how i look all the time, but i also acknowledge that it’s okay to look the way i do and i’m happy that i don’t look average and that i have a unique face and such. i don’t really care about trying to dress all unique anymore, i just dress in whatever i feel like wearing. i want to be unique and original, but am i still being original and unique if i have to try and be original and unique? like, how does that even work? like, is a person who has to try to be creative actually creative? and is the act of attempting to be creative truly creative? i think everyone is creative.

i think i may dye my hair soon.

****Also: IMPORTANT OMG READ. I think it would be totally amazing to create a journal/zine/book thing that consisted of journal/diary entries from tons of people. Basically, people send me their diary entries (scan then email), then i put said diary entries into a book of some sort, viola, an awesome thing people can read. if you are potentially interested email me at stylewandering@gmail.com for details because i'm too tired to eloquently explain my vision.

i really want this. does anybody know where I can get something like this?

wow this jacket is too good. frida kahlo is my life and this girl just completely killed me. now i have to go recreate this. or pay someone to recreate it...


let's just take a moment to smell some daisies

Why are you stupid.

Fuck off.


My room is messy. I think it adds character to my bedroom. It's realistic too. The clutter in my room represents who I am: a person with a cluttered, jumbled mind who hoards things and collects stuff, and is obsessed with the prettiness of tiny pieces of paper she's found on the ground. I'm currently working on writing a letter to my penpal Katia. We bonded over blogging and Rookie and decided to partake in the ancient pass time of writing and sending mail to friends and acquaintances, i.e. each other.

UGH. These photos are semi-pixelated which is annoying. I can't tell if my camera is just really cruddy, or if it's because I cropped/zoomed them. I feel like it's both. 

I'm going to be a flower garden for Halloween! I'm pumped to the bone. 

I'm reading Hamlet by Chuck Norris in English. Wow just kidding it's written by William Shakespeare.

Let's just hope you knew that.

I went to my first Environmental Club meeting today! It was my first time going because it was the first time I remembered to go. It was really fun and everyone was super nice! We are doing some environmental related project right now, but I spaced out when they were explaining what it was so I don't really know what's going on. 


why i love cats more than people. BOOKS RULE

At a time when all my attention should be put towards the Mandarin test I have tomorrow, I am distracted not only by my obsession to record all visually inspiring virtually pixelated commodities, but by "typical" teen girls struggles. Things one could classify under the overarching category of typical teen girl struggles and distractions would be: boys, Facebook, Modern Family, Why I Love Cats More than People, Feminism, college anxieties, collages, Tumblr, procrastination, Rookie (god darn), The Ardorous (god darn) and the internet. Why. Is. My. Life. So. Typical.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am not living life to its fullest potential. I could be reading more, being more productive with my Etsy business, taking more photographs, making short films I've planned to film for what seems like years. I think it's time. A new age has risen within me. I have evolved. I am no longer a simple teen girl, with simple teen girl priorities, i.e: sleeping, eating, going to the beach at night, dancing, and spending too long trying to figure out what to wear in the morning. I am now Super Teen Girl, avenger of all waisted time in life. I will now take photographs and develop my film. I will make my short movies and films and write stories and submit stuff to Rookie and try to become a contributer to The Ardorous. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED, SO WHY NOT START NOW?

**Also, costuming/prop-getting is going SPLENDIDLY for the school play. I'm lovin' it.

Maybe the world will finally understand.

Meadham Kirchhoff studio (i think)


mary janes

Hello Hello Hello!!
How's life everyone?
Lately, my life has consisted of school, friends, tumblr, and food.

I kind of love school. I just love being around everyone and making friends and having so many people to talk to all the time. I can't imagine just staying home everyday, I'd get so bored! Even on the weekends, I'm out 2/3 days usually. Then again though, I do love being by myself sometime's, and just making cool stuff and listening to music and watching TV.

I haven't really done a blog post in a really long time. It's because recently I've been taking most of my pictures on my film camera and I haven't had the chance to develop my film yet! I can't decide if I should get a disk, prints, or both. Both costs like, $15 and I don't know if I want to spend that much. I could just scan all the prints, but that would take a while. I think I'll just do that though, because I love having tangible memories.

Some photos of what I wore to school a few days ago. I realize now it would have looked awesome with my Bikini Kill pleather jacket. If you notice my feet/shoes, you will see some incredible black Doc Marten mary janes. You probably recognize them from other posts. I got them for my birthday in May and I kind of love them more than anything in the entire world. I think I'll wear them until the day I die.

My style has been evolving really weirdly. I'm obsessed with environmental-looking outfits, as in lot's of browns and rusts and reds and neutral colors, as well as flowy shirts and woven fabrics and brown beads and shells and wintery coats for warmth, as well as vintage and quirkiness and stuff. What I'm currently doing at school is a perfect representation of my style, since I'm in the Environmental Club and doing costumes for the school play. Wahoo, life!

I'm also getting really interested in photography and film. I think I'm going to make a short film soon, just for the heck of it. I don't think it'll be scripted or anything, but mainly just me creepily watching people and documenting what they do, and/or filming my friends, and/or actually writing a script of SOME sort, and just doing something funky and fun!! I'll probably include/do it with my amazing friend Maya who is kind of my other half!

For a while/earlier this year, I didn't really care about dressing really crazy and stuff, I was just too lazy, but now I'm really focused on dressing fun and just loving what I wear and feeling all unique!

so whateva cya layta.


soul train

Don't mind me I'm just busy livin' the life of someone on a soul train lookin' for home.

OMG that was so lyrical.

I got this hat at Goodwill! I felt like roarin' in honor of the tigers. That's cause I'm a fighter runnin' through the streets.

my friend and I went to a music festival and ate some sausages courtesy of her chef dad.

me and my chums on a hot summers day. I think frizzy hair is so pretty.

my friend is a photography prodigy.

Don't be sad, just kiss the air, kiss the sky, get high on life. 
Soak in nature and devour the trees. 
Let the breeze of life encompass you.


Maybe I'll use this incredible syntax to write a song that my future band can play! I'm the tambourine player. PUMPED.

Keynotes about my plans for this day and age (as in this month):
-buy a tambourine: paint it, add some ribbons, become a pro
-start a band
-dye part of my hair purple (as in the back-underside part)
-tie dye some high waisted shorts
-stay out all night soaking up the moonlight
-become a good skateboarder
-get more dresses and high waisted shorts

****OMG. And I'm going to join the Environmental Club at my school. I feel like embracing my inner nature gal. As well as becoming a vegetarian. SHIT. I was totally vegetarian today! This is a major accomplishment I feel proud!! I don't want to eat meat, because although I love it to death, I don't want to support an industry that raises animals for slaughter. Grass fed beef is obviously less cruel, but it's the same principal. If you do choose to eat meat, make sure you eat grass fed beef/poultry, as well as fish that hasn't been farmed! Animals are people too!