just like, idk. something.

last year i used to try and dress so original and creatively. looking back at what i wore is just completely embarrassing. i was trying so hard to be seen as the person i wanted to be seen as. now i like wearing hot pants and cropped turtle necks if i feel like it, and i like just being happy with my body and stuff and embracing what i actually look like. this isn’t to say i’m totally happy with how i look all the time, but i also acknowledge that it’s okay to look the way i do and i’m happy that i don’t look average and that i have a unique face and such. i don’t really care about trying to dress all unique anymore, i just dress in whatever i feel like wearing. i want to be unique and original, but am i still being original and unique if i have to try and be original and unique? like, how does that even work? like, is a person who has to try to be creative actually creative? and is the act of attempting to be creative truly creative? i think everyone is creative.

i think i may dye my hair soon.

****Also: IMPORTANT OMG READ. I think it would be totally amazing to create a journal/zine/book thing that consisted of journal/diary entries from tons of people. Basically, people send me their diary entries (scan then email), then i put said diary entries into a book of some sort, viola, an awesome thing people can read. if you are potentially interested email me at stylewandering@gmail.com for details because i'm too tired to eloquently explain my vision.

i really want this. does anybody know where I can get something like this?

wow this jacket is too good. frida kahlo is my life and this girl just completely killed me. now i have to go recreate this. or pay someone to recreate it...


  1. Girl with the flower is one of the best blogs on the internet. And I totally get what you are saying, I used to try too hard, now I just ~go with the flow~ I wear whatever I feel like and usualy its pretty cool, if you ask me anyway hehe!! Sometimes I'm like "this outfit isn't interesting enough or unique enough to bother posting" but hey thats just what I wear. and then I post it anyway.

  2. Yes! I totally agree with what you are saying. I mean, I wear whatever I want and it usually just ends up being really weird anyway! :) like... i don't know. I try to actually be inspired by stuff and really wear things that express how I'm feeling instead of just, you know, trying to put together a weird outfit. When I was younger I did that, and it usually consisted of knee length missmatched socks and armwarmers and stuff. But now, for instance, I'm really inspired by India and the desert and that kind of vibe because it is just so BEAUTIFUL so that's how I try to dress.

    I realize this is a ramble but whatever major loser get the picture duh


  3. I will probably/totally create that jean heart romper/overall for you? No joke, I'm so bored with my "fashion course" its ridiculous... I'll tell you or do a post about it soon enough. I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING. Anyways, I agree with your creativity post, I mean, I think the coolest thing a person can be is themselves, and if you THINK you are cool and unique then you KNOW you are cool. Besides, if someone judges otherwise... they aren't worth it ;)


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