soul train

Don't mind me I'm just busy livin' the life of someone on a soul train lookin' for home.

OMG that was so lyrical.

I got this hat at Goodwill! I felt like roarin' in honor of the tigers. That's cause I'm a fighter runnin' through the streets.

my friend and I went to a music festival and ate some sausages courtesy of her chef dad.

me and my chums on a hot summers day. I think frizzy hair is so pretty.

my friend is a photography prodigy.

Don't be sad, just kiss the air, kiss the sky, get high on life. 
Soak in nature and devour the trees. 
Let the breeze of life encompass you.


Maybe I'll use this incredible syntax to write a song that my future band can play! I'm the tambourine player. PUMPED.

Keynotes about my plans for this day and age (as in this month):
-buy a tambourine: paint it, add some ribbons, become a pro
-start a band
-dye part of my hair purple (as in the back-underside part)
-tie dye some high waisted shorts
-stay out all night soaking up the moonlight
-become a good skateboarder
-get more dresses and high waisted shorts

****OMG. And I'm going to join the Environmental Club at my school. I feel like embracing my inner nature gal. As well as becoming a vegetarian. SHIT. I was totally vegetarian today! This is a major accomplishment I feel proud!! I don't want to eat meat, because although I love it to death, I don't want to support an industry that raises animals for slaughter. Grass fed beef is obviously less cruel, but it's the same principal. If you do choose to eat meat, make sure you eat grass fed beef/poultry, as well as fish that hasn't been farmed! Animals are people too!


  1. Ahhh I love this post so much! Eva, let me say that you are an AMAZING blogger and if you applied for Rookie I bet they would accept you! Just sayin. I love your friend's sunglasses, by the way!


    1. ahhh thank you!! that means so much!! I wanna be apart of Rookie so bad. I'd love to be part of the weekly diaries, it's my favorite part of Rookie! Hopefully I become a staff member eventually!

  2. I love the ferris wheel photograph! All your poems are great by the way haha :)

    I"ve been a vegetarian for about a year now- I thought it would be difficult but I'm great till somebody has bacon :P


  3. This stuff sounds great! I'm a veggie! Have been for 4 and a half years :)
    Your plans are awesome.
    And you have the greatest smile!


  4. omg these photos are amazing. oh and btw do environmental is sooo fun. I'm taking an environmental science course this semester and i am IN LOVE


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