cat eye


Thats how I feel about the cat eye trend.
And for those of you who don't speak blabbering teenager, I'll translate: ohmyfriggengodmyworldisnowcompleteifeelwholeandatpeaceandfullofhappinessandjoyasiflutteraroundmyroombeingweirdandcoolallatthesametimeahhhhhhhhhh!!!

When I refer to the cat eye trend, of course I'm lovin' the eyeliner part (but I'm also quite upset this is becoming such a popular trend because I liked being original and different with my makeup rather than have it be the same as everyone but thats okay because I love the winged eyeliner so much that I'll gladly share it with the rest of the world (not that I own it, what?) so that others can experience the amazing feeling of BAJBDJ:FBGIUAJKBFA"SOIGOAB that my friends and I experience while wearing cat eye inspired eyeliner/glasses that is just oh-so-magical (like a unicorn or pegasus, but preferably a unicorn because I like unicorns more.) I'm also flipping out for and am extremely excited that CAT EYE GLASSES AND SUNGLASSES are back in style, because now I can find them easier! I love cat eye glasses so flippin much. I have my own pair that are light pink with little fake diamond (a.k.a plastic) crystals in the corners and are totally Grease-worthy and extremely spectacular.
Sorry for such a beautiful view of upmynose but I didn't like how my computer screen reflected in the frames so I hate to tilt my head back. Feel free to gape and appreciate the gorgeous fake diamond (plastic) crystals in the corners and the super soothing Virgin Suicides-esque pink color (light pink is one of the colors I reference to when I think about The Virgin Suicides.) I think I got these at a dollar store, and they've held up pretty well, other than the fact that one of the things that goes over your ear is slightly melted/burned because I stucked these (along with some other plastic glasses) in my lap for a while until I realized all my glasses were melting due to the power and heat produced by a fluorescent lightbulb (buy fluorescent light bulbs they last longer and are brighter and are better for the environment and they melt plastic wooh! And in science last year I had to do an experiment with light bulbs and me and my group decided to see how long it took for a light bulb to toast a marshmallow and the fluorescent bulb actually TOASTED THE MARSHMALLOW and I ATE IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS so you should seriously buy some in case you want to toast some marshmallows without the hassle of putting together a fire or going camping in order to achieve authenticity, and an alternative to the authenticity you may want while toasting a marshmallow is RIGHT HERE! Now you're set for a fake marshmallowing toasting wondering day with virtual company! Enjoy.)

Lots of other cool people from past and present generations also clearly love the cat-eye-glasses trend.

Marilyn Monroe

Kelly Osbourne and Dita Von Teese looking super cool via cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses via designers Prada and Jeremy Scott


The Ladies of The Cat Eye Brand being cool and totally grasping the 50s secretary vibe with polyester and red lipstick (and of course cat eye glasses)


SCARF IT DOWN (I'm puny har har)

This is a super cool scarf my mom gave me (the thing that I'm wearing as a belt.) I'm not really a fan of this outfit to be honest, not big on the colors and I find it really boring and plain. Thank god I had the super awesome scarf-belt to make this outfit just a LITTLE LESS PAINFUL to look at. My dad is good at making things awkward, so he embraced his talent and decided to tell me that my skirt was way too short and make the car ride home from school really weird (dad, I'm wearing shorts under it. JEEZUS). I look like I'm in pain in the photo, and thats because the outfit was so fricken boring that it burned my eyes and caused me physical pain. (CAUTION: If you dress boringly (that sounds weird) you will burn peoples eyes. DON'T BE DULL BE BOLD.) I'm also super excited to enter this contest on Chictopia where we dress in an outfit inspired by/supporting our favorite charity/organization. Mine is probably PETA (but maybe not anymore because I've been reading about some pretty horrible and contradictory things PETA has been doing) or the SPCA or something animal-rights-enthused, so I'm going to make a DIY of a shirt that says "FUR IS DEAD YOU ASS HOLES." (okay, exclude the "you ass holes" part. It's inappropriate for the children.) So yeah, my shirt will say FUR IS DEAD, and on the back it will say a HUGE LIST of a bunch of animal rights charities/organizations/benefits because I'm cool and like to spread the word of anti-animal-cruelty. My 8th grade speech (last year) was about fur farms in China and how horrible and cruel and disgusting they are, and I got voted to read it in front of the entire school. I was super pumped and delivered it with a BANG. I couldn't look at my friends' faces because they looked like they were going to cry (I have the power) so I just looked around the entire crowd, making sure I stared everyone down and BURNED THE WORDS INTO THEIR BRAINS. Totes exhilarating. I'll scan pictures of my ORIGINAL SPEECH soon. I colored all over it to remind myself to slow down and pause and look up because I tend to forget those simple speech-giving-basics.

Enjoy my boring outfit <3 (Hope it doesn't burn your eyes.)
I'll post the scanned photos of my speech when I post the pictures of my FUR IS DEAD shirt. It will be an animal rights induced blog post and super inspiring.

Don't wear fur and leather. Vanity is so much less important than the life of an animal. And by the way, that mink coat you think is SO GORGEOUS actually has a lot of dog and cat fur in it because the fur farmers kidnap peoples pets and skin them alive for the clothes you wear everyday. So, do you want YOUR pet to be made into a fur coat? Um, no, you don't unless you're disgusting. So stop being materialistic and put the LIVES OF ANIMALS FIRST instead of buying that ugly coat made of dead animals.

Yeah, none of us are perfect, but still fight for animal rights!

Have a wonderful, fur free leather free day!

(skirt is from target, boots are Steve Madden from Nordstrom, scarf/belt is my moms, cardigan is from BP, shirt is from Urban Outfitters, necklace my mom gave me)

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the search is on

I feel like one thing all girls have in common, or even all PEOPLE have in common is their long endured search for that one role model that doesn't happen to be their mom or dad or best friend. As a teen girl, I feel I can speak for a lot of us (teen gals) when I say we all seem to want to find that one female role model that we stalk for hours via wikipedia and google images, trying to memorize all possible facts of favorite foods, colors, books, music, and physical attributes. We want to find that role model that isn't the typical celebrity like Lady Gaga or Selena Gomez, but someone more under-the-radar so that when we say their name we feel super cool when we receive blanks stares and expressions of "who the fuck are you talking about."

So yeah, I'm officially on the "female role model hunt." Hope you join me. It can be like our own pilgrimage to Mecca! But it's more so a mental/google-physical trip, rather than an actual TRIP to Mecca. Our Mecca can be finding our role model and our pilgrimage can be our google hunt. SOUNDS AWSOME, RIGHT?

Anyway, here is an outfit I wore earlier this week. I have a lot of outfits saved up because I take photos of my outfits more often than I post on my blog, which is actually helpful because I always have outfits to put in posts.

I really like this outfit because the sweater is the bomb. My art teacher told me I always dress like I was reincarnated from the 80's, which made me feel super cool.

Not sure if you can really tell, but in the first picture (left side), my eyeliner is this red-pink color which is really awesome. I wear it everyday. I like it because it isn't the typical and it looks really cool and moderately scary, especially when I wear it with my dark brown-red lipstick, because then I look really vampirey and from far away it probably looks like my eyes are bleeding. The eyeliner also kind of stained my eyelids pink which I don't really mind.

thrifted sweater, skirt my friend gave me, necklace my friend made, HUE corduroy jeggings, Steve Madden boots, thrifted lace button down, my Frieda Kahlo earrings.

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Hallows Eve

Let's call this a Halloween+Vogue+Random Crap mash up, like when people combine multiple songs into one, but for a blog post, and without the singing. (scratch vogue+partially random crap because it turns out I want to save that for another post all in its own because it's just so god damn special)

My Halloween was kind of awesome. I forgot how much I love trick or treating. And yes, just to clarify, I am a 15 year old girl who still goes trick or treating but I bet there are people in their 20's who still go trick or treating because it's that friggen awesome. So lets not act too surprised.

I went with a bunch of my friends, and me and 2 of my closest friends all dressed up like babies and had pacifiers and footies and everything. That way if anybody said to us "aren't you teens to old to go trick or treating!?" We could be like, "ehem, excuse me. We're babies you bioist freakin candy givers. JEEZUS." This just proves how smart me and my friends are because we were able to think and plan ahead to guarantee we receive as much candy as possible and avoid the unfaithful candy givers who question our candy receiving eligibility due to our age rather than our inner Halloween spirit.

I personally find Halloween to be one of the greatest holidays of all time. My history teacher told me that it started in Ireland and it was like this huge festival where people dressed up like demons and stuff in order to scare away the evil monsters who haunted them for the year so that they could ensure good fortune upon themselves. You're probably all thinking "stupid Irish people of the originating Halloween festival. There were no evil demons you needed to scare. HA." But if you are one who BELIEVES in fairies and mermaids and vampires and werewolves and witches and wizards and monsters (ehem, point a finger at the person writing this post) then you sure as heck wouldn't be questioning their festival/ritual.

Halloween (back in the day) also used to be a festival honoring the dead, probably a lot like Day of the Dead. For the Celtic people, it was like their New Years Eve, because their New Year began on November 1. I'm pretty sure the trick or treating came in because the kids (in certain pre-Halloween traditions) would go around from house to house, and the people living there handed out little treats and stuff, which probably wasn't much in those days other than like, some flowers and honey or something. I mean, I'm not really an expert on pre-Halloween trick or treating, but flowers and honey sounds like a reasonable gift back in those times, am I right?!

Here is a picture of me and my friends trick or treating because we're cool like that. I'm the one in the monkey footsie on the far left (light purple). This random lady took the picture for us in front of her giant cat. It was really weird and at the same time really awesome because she gives us candy then goes, "Oh, girls! Why don't I take a picture of you in front of my large cat decoration!? It looks soooooo cool in photos because it's eye glow and look scary! AHAH. AHAH. AHAHA." I was super pumped for a stranger to take a picture of me in front of a huge cat, and clearly so were all my friends. And I gotta say, the lady didn't lie. The cat's eyes look FRICKEN AMAZING. The other pictures are photos of my outfit(s) and just other random things that are totally INSPIRTIONAL.

Beware: this cat kills.

You can't tell in the photo, but I was wearing this super awesome dark red/brown/purple-ee lipstick by Chanel that my friend gave me that was really intense and awesome, but I guess it rubbed off. I really like it though. It's definitely my favorite lipstick because when I drink water and brush my teeth it doesn't turn my cup/tooth brush red. I'll post a picture soon.

(combat boots from Nordtroms, Forever 21 shorts, thrifted sweater, DKNY tights, a necklace my friend gave me)

I like amusing myself by assigning tasks to do, and todays task is writing a short letter to Zooey Deschanel via my blog.

Dear Zooey.
You are utterly amazing and when you play Jess in New Girl I pretty much pee my pants because I'm laughing and crying and having mini panic attacks due to the fact that New Girl just makes me SO GOD DAMN EMOTIONAL. I used to hate the name Jess, but I associate names with people (weird because I've never met anyone named Jess and I still used to hate the name) but ever since watching New Girl Jess is one of my favorite names in the world, along with a bunch of others that I don't want to list right now. I kind of love your hair because it's dark and black-ish and super gorgeous, and when I saw you in 500 Days of Summer I died when you brought the dude into your house because I fell deeply in love with your blue/white wall paper and all the cool nick-naks everywhere. Funny because out of everything in that movie, the only things I really remember are the scene where you as a little girl cut off your hair, inside your apartment, and the little season transitions where the trees transform into the next season. I hope I get to meet you someday. Oh, and your sister Emily is fricken fabulous in Bones. I died when I found out you guys were sisters. I just love coincidences.

Eva (pronounced ee-vuh).

Here is a sketch of Zooey Deschanel I found online because it's gorgeous and brilliant and sketches of people just look way better than photos. BA BAM.

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