SCARF IT DOWN (I'm puny har har)

This is a super cool scarf my mom gave me (the thing that I'm wearing as a belt.) I'm not really a fan of this outfit to be honest, not big on the colors and I find it really boring and plain. Thank god I had the super awesome scarf-belt to make this outfit just a LITTLE LESS PAINFUL to look at. My dad is good at making things awkward, so he embraced his talent and decided to tell me that my skirt was way too short and make the car ride home from school really weird (dad, I'm wearing shorts under it. JEEZUS). I look like I'm in pain in the photo, and thats because the outfit was so fricken boring that it burned my eyes and caused me physical pain. (CAUTION: If you dress boringly (that sounds weird) you will burn peoples eyes. DON'T BE DULL BE BOLD.) I'm also super excited to enter this contest on Chictopia where we dress in an outfit inspired by/supporting our favorite charity/organization. Mine is probably PETA (but maybe not anymore because I've been reading about some pretty horrible and contradictory things PETA has been doing) or the SPCA or something animal-rights-enthused, so I'm going to make a DIY of a shirt that says "FUR IS DEAD YOU ASS HOLES." (okay, exclude the "you ass holes" part. It's inappropriate for the children.) So yeah, my shirt will say FUR IS DEAD, and on the back it will say a HUGE LIST of a bunch of animal rights charities/organizations/benefits because I'm cool and like to spread the word of anti-animal-cruelty. My 8th grade speech (last year) was about fur farms in China and how horrible and cruel and disgusting they are, and I got voted to read it in front of the entire school. I was super pumped and delivered it with a BANG. I couldn't look at my friends' faces because they looked like they were going to cry (I have the power) so I just looked around the entire crowd, making sure I stared everyone down and BURNED THE WORDS INTO THEIR BRAINS. Totes exhilarating. I'll scan pictures of my ORIGINAL SPEECH soon. I colored all over it to remind myself to slow down and pause and look up because I tend to forget those simple speech-giving-basics.

Enjoy my boring outfit <3 (Hope it doesn't burn your eyes.)
I'll post the scanned photos of my speech when I post the pictures of my FUR IS DEAD shirt. It will be an animal rights induced blog post and super inspiring.

Don't wear fur and leather. Vanity is so much less important than the life of an animal. And by the way, that mink coat you think is SO GORGEOUS actually has a lot of dog and cat fur in it because the fur farmers kidnap peoples pets and skin them alive for the clothes you wear everyday. So, do you want YOUR pet to be made into a fur coat? Um, no, you don't unless you're disgusting. So stop being materialistic and put the LIVES OF ANIMALS FIRST instead of buying that ugly coat made of dead animals.

Yeah, none of us are perfect, but still fight for animal rights!

Have a wonderful, fur free leather free day!

(skirt is from target, boots are Steve Madden from Nordstrom, scarf/belt is my moms, cardigan is from BP, shirt is from Urban Outfitters, necklace my mom gave me)

(click picture for bigger view)


  1. haha no your outfit is not burning my eyes :)I think your skirt is super pretty!

  2. I love your purple t-shirt!You look amazing :)

  3. loveeee your outfit!!!!


  4. Cute outfit, love the way you used that scarf! <3


  5. Sometimes I wear scarves as belts too! Such a clever way to create a belt. Love the color combination of your outfit too.



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