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I feel like one thing all girls have in common, or even all PEOPLE have in common is their long endured search for that one role model that doesn't happen to be their mom or dad or best friend. As a teen girl, I feel I can speak for a lot of us (teen gals) when I say we all seem to want to find that one female role model that we stalk for hours via wikipedia and google images, trying to memorize all possible facts of favorite foods, colors, books, music, and physical attributes. We want to find that role model that isn't the typical celebrity like Lady Gaga or Selena Gomez, but someone more under-the-radar so that when we say their name we feel super cool when we receive blanks stares and expressions of "who the fuck are you talking about."

So yeah, I'm officially on the "female role model hunt." Hope you join me. It can be like our own pilgrimage to Mecca! But it's more so a mental/google-physical trip, rather than an actual TRIP to Mecca. Our Mecca can be finding our role model and our pilgrimage can be our google hunt. SOUNDS AWSOME, RIGHT?

Anyway, here is an outfit I wore earlier this week. I have a lot of outfits saved up because I take photos of my outfits more often than I post on my blog, which is actually helpful because I always have outfits to put in posts.

I really like this outfit because the sweater is the bomb. My art teacher told me I always dress like I was reincarnated from the 80's, which made me feel super cool.

Not sure if you can really tell, but in the first picture (left side), my eyeliner is this red-pink color which is really awesome. I wear it everyday. I like it because it isn't the typical and it looks really cool and moderately scary, especially when I wear it with my dark brown-red lipstick, because then I look really vampirey and from far away it probably looks like my eyes are bleeding. The eyeliner also kind of stained my eyelids pink which I don't really mind.

thrifted sweater, skirt my friend gave me, necklace my friend made, HUE corduroy jeggings, Steve Madden boots, thrifted lace button down, my Frieda Kahlo earrings.

(click pictures for larger view)


  1. reallyreally love your style :)


  2. love the patterns :D
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