being a one direction fangirl

I hung out with my friend Natalie today. We had a lot of fun and probably walked 5 or 6 miles. We ate all along the way because we felt like eating, and since we're human and need food to survive. Here is a list of everything I ate today.

Cheese focaccia
Two cinnamon rolls
Chicken won tons
A soda
Sour dough roll
Spring rolls
Another soda


Anyway, at the start of the day I was wearing this outfit. It's from Amanda. We did a trade. The skirt is amazing and full of galaxy vibes and I loooooove it. The outfit got uncomfortable an hour or so later though, so then I traded the skirt in for some leggings and put on an 80s denim jacket that looked AWESOME and wore that instead. Natalie and I continued walking around, playing One Direction and holding back tears. We plan on going to their concert next year and then meeting them afterwards. We are going to play it cool and be suave though and not scream (why would we in the first place. they're just hot, suave boys who can sing and stuff) and just be cool and suave. Suave. Suave suave.

My face is very squinty because I'm cool.

We mainly fangirled over One Direction, but kept it classy and somewhat reserved since we want to marry them all someday. Yeah, that's right. One. After. The. Other. (Just kidding that was a joke we're classy people with class.) My friend Natalie is really obsessed with them though. She dedicated an ENTIRE WALL to posters of them. She then tried to look non-creepy by adding some random non-One Direction photos to the mix, but it doesn't work because it's literally ALL 1D photos, and then some random other photos with more 1D mixed in. Keep in mind she bought magazines SPECIFICALLY FOR THE POSTERS. When I asked her what she would do if I tore one off the wall, she said "I'd probably punch you. And then cry." Obviously she isn't a hardcore fan. She also has a tumblr dedicated to One Direction, specifically Zayn, complete with some sexual tags about licking their faces and said members being hot ass holes. Hotttttttt. I highly recommend you follow her tumblr, because if you're a decent human being you obviously love One Direction too. She also has great taste in 1D photos, and her captions are very nice and explicit, totally appropriate for kids of all ages. ♥

As we walked around town, we took breaks periodically to indulge in One Direction's magical tunez. I attempted to sing One Thing, but I was so bad that Natalie said I wasn't worthy of singing any One Direction song, as my voice is so bad it takes away the beauty of the music. BUT DON'T WORRY I'M STILL GOING TO SING THEM. I honestly think One Direction is way more fangirlable than Justin Bieber. 

DO YOU LOVE ONE DIRECTION? WHY/WHY NOT? Who are other awesome musicians who rock life?


summer of '72

UGHHH I have so much to post and rant about that I don't even know where to start, and the odds that what I'm about to write will show any grammatical or organizational skill is just not likely because again, I just have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

First off, I have been obsessively watching, and rewatching, episodes of Sweet Valley High and the movie Now and Then (i.e. my favorite movie on the planet because a) I love Thora Birch and b) I love the classic summer, bike riding, suburbia vibes.) I want the summer in Now and Then. I want the bike riding and random lake swimming and graveyard seances and treehouse gossip sessions! I tried to recreate it the other day when I went to my friend's house. She lives in a culdesack (cul de sac?) and we attempted to bike ride to her community pool. It was a big fail, because the bikes were too small, our tires were flat, and I practically fell off the bike multiple times, so we ended up just walking to the pool. There also happened to be a neighborhood baseball game going on, but we couldn't take part because the kids who were playing were barely potty trained. We were also going to go to the graveyard near her house that night and bring her Ouija Board and blast summer eery tunes and light some candles while trying to talk to the spirits, but then we forgot when the season finale of The Bachelorette came on.

I obviously love technology, but I also wish that I could just have a classic summer of suburban adventures and bike riding down dirt roads singing along to songs on the radio! 

I love her necklace!

Some screenshots from Now and Then. I really love all the tops and color combinations Teeny and Chrissy wear, and all the Keds are an obvious plus. And all their bikes are such pretty colors!!! And I love Chrissy's basket and Teeny's radio/music player thing she strapped onto her bike. 

Secondly, I am becoming super, super obsessed with what I call the 80s Madonna Prom Look. I was looking at the Rookie tumblr and saw photos from their prom night (which looked so amazingly fun I wish I could have gone!) and the people literally were dressed to the absolute pinnacle of awesome. There were so many tulley and lacy prom dresses! And they were all so VINTAGE. I was literally like,  about to cry when I saw what people were wearing because I've never wanted to steal anybody's outfit so badly in my entire life. There were pretty pastel dresses, colorful makeup, crowns, tiaras, hair clips, and tons of layered, plastic jewelry that looked amazing beyond belief! My style has been... ever changing over the past year or so, and looking back at some of the things I wore I literally cringe because it's so icky and gross looking. I had a weird skirt faze, then a fairy faze, and now I'm kind of in a punk faze. My style is definitely going to be verging more towards the 80s Madonna Prom Look that I've been talking about, and I have some pictures to show you guys for reference. I'm also obsessed with Courtney Love's style during the 90s when she was in Hole, i.e. baby doll dresses, red lipstick, smudged eye makeup, tiaras, and plastic hair clips.

That purple dress is literally my ultimate dream dress. I have no idea what that tulle layering on the skirt is called, but the lavender color and everything about it is literally so perfect and beautiful. I also love the dress from Pretty in Pink that Molly Ringwald wore. I also liked it a lot before she reconstructed it, but it still looked cool. 

Just some awesome crowns and pretty hair.

DUDE. Her makeup and her crown and her jewelry is literally the best thing I've ever seen on Earth. EVER. Like, I literally love this so much. I want a cool plastic crown so bad!

The girl's dress on the far right is sooooooooo pretty.

ALSO: I am SO BORED WITH MY HAIR. I want to dye it and cut it and make it really different. For colors, I was thinking a dark brown or bleached blonde or a bright red, and then for the style, I kind of want bangs. I had them before but I HATED THEM, but I kind of want them again but I don't want to get them and then end up hating them, because they take sooooo long to grow out. What do you think? Any ideas or thoughts on the color and style? And what do you think about bangs?



Hey guys! This post is going to be super brief. I did a guest post for my good friend Veena and her blog. It's mainly just a brief rant about why I think Riot Grrrl is important, accompanied by an outfit and some photos. Hopefully you all check it out HERE! The rant is super awesome and philosophical, so I'm hoping you all read it and enjoy, and also follow her blog because it's amazing!

And I know I keep saying I will do more outfit posts, but the reason behind my lack of outfit posts is because it's summer and on most days I don't even get out of my pajamas, or I'm so lazy that the outfit I put together is really boring and stupid. I promise I will try to document my outfits more though, because I want to photograph them and post them too!

Don't forget to check out my guest post and follow Veena's blog!


witch girl

This Fall 2008 Luella collection has been sitting on my computer for ages. I don't know why I never got around to posting it. Honestly, it doesn't even matter that this collection is 4 years old, because the witchy, Halloweeny vibes are timeless and priceless. My style has definitely been getting darker/more punk, and I think this collection represents the style I'm very obsessed with as of now, which, again, is kind of punk/dark/haunted looking, and sort of... I want to say, doll-like? Which is probably because I'm listening to Courtney Love's/Hole's Doll Parts. But I think this collection is very much doll-like! It's just perfect and so pretty and bad ass and whimsical, which are things I associate with creepy, porcelain, antique dolls. Also, for those of you who had a Stardoll phase at some point, you will probably recognize the bottom middle dress as a dress that was sold on Stardoll. I used to play on Stardoll back in the day, but then my friend hacked my account and sold all my clothes and SCARED ME TO DEATH BECAUSE I THOUGHT I WAS BEING STALKED. But don't worry I'm okay now.

Anyway, I know this collection is from four years ago, but I don't really care. I think it's still an amazing collection to see and one that people should see! I don't really see witchy vibes like this on the runways (meaning the pictures of the runways I see on vogue/style.com) anymore. Witchy vibes are so important to societal life, you guys! Like, common! Hocus Pocus? Halloween Town? Macbeth? YOU GUYS, THOSE ARE THREE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS, and witches are like, the prime importance of all three. I love witches, I'm pretty sure there is witch lineage on my mom's side. Not even kidding. (Sorry the pictures are blurry. I got these off style.com a long time ago, and pictures from style.com are always really blurry when they're blown up, and they didn't have Luella on vogue.com.)

Not only all of the above, but all these pieces are so fricken wearable! I love how the collection is clearly super "bolts and nails," but is accented nicely with softer lines and flowy fabrics. It's a really nice balance. I also love the bright colors that are slightly muted (kind of contradictory) like that amazing blue dress, and all the red plaid! THE PLAID. I love the plaid! The crimped hair is also a total winner. I think a Nine Inch Nails song would be the perfect anthem for this collection. I love how the models are styled, too! It really plays with age, and the models with gray hair totally encompass all witch vibes possible. I think the story behind this collection is that a super cool Witch Girl, named Witch Girl, has just moved to a suburban town. Witch Girl just happens to be a witch, and she has to blend in with the rest of her fellow teenz in high school, but still wants to incorporate her witch heritage into her style, so she combines lace, gothic vibes, and pointy hats with plaid skirts, colored tights, layers, and velvet. She also happens to be Weetzie Bat's cousin, who generously lends her her hair crimper and some of her really cool shoes. (I really wish I had a sister, because then we could be The Weird Sisters, and be witchy together.) (Did you catch the Macbeth reference?)

Here are some classy songs for my fellow witch and warlock chronies! Enjoy the wicked jamz.

1. Doll Parts
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit
3. The Witch is Dead
4. Teen Witch
5. Physical
6. Learn to Fly
7. Broomstick
8. Defying Gravity


day of the dead

I've been looking around for new sources of inspiration lately, and I recently stumbled upon the photographer Elle Hardwick. Her photographs are whimsical and magical and beautiful. I really liked this collection of photographs entitled Day of the Dead, because they're just really fucking cool. I like how the girl has flowers in her boots. I saw a photo like that on tumblr and I think the next time I wear boots or Docs I'll stick some plants in them, too.

I also really liked her Meadham Kirchhoff 2012 Feature for Rookie. I'd seen the feature on Rookie, but I forgot about it, and then I saw it on her website and I was dying because it rocks life and is beautiful and perfect and is so true and representative of all the vibes encompassing Meadham Kirchhoff. I dunno. I just really like it.

PS: I am still emotionally attached and extremely in love with what I call the Meadham Kirchhoff Monster Jacket. Honestly, if I had that jacket, I'd probably wear it everyday. I'd probably sleep with it every night underneath my pillow. I'd probably cry every time I wore it, meaning I would cry every second of everyday. Since the odds of me ever having the cash money to buy this jacket is non-existent, I think I'll purposely go to clothing design school just so I can make this jacket for myself. I just need this jacket. FUCK IT'S LITERALLY SO AMAZING I WANNA CRY. (MK Monster Jacket on the right, while the MK Heart jacket is on the left. I love them both, but I love MK Monster more.) (This collection in general is probably my favorite collection of all time.)
photos via style.com


rookie road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the Rookie meet up yesterday, and it was literally fricken awesome to the extreme! I didn't really take any photos, because I didn't want to bring Le Fancy Cam, and I didn't have a chance to buy a disposable (which I love more than life because they just epitomize the timeless vibes that summer possesses) so instead I just enjoyed every moment with my eyes and mind and collected a few souvenirs for the road! I got to meet Tavi. It was really brief because I was so nervous, but I wanted to give her this notebook/journal I decorated for her/the Rookie staff. I made it out of nail polish and glitter and recycled (up-cycled) materials and then I tied bows on it. Tavi was so fricken nice and I was all nervous and like "Hi I'm Eva I made this for you." And she was all nice and cool and like "OMG THIS IS AMAZING! How long did this take?" And I was like "Oh not that long. I made it from nail polish and glitter glue." And she was all "That's so cool!" And it literally made me so happy!

It was really crazy, because I wore my amazing jacket (that I told you about a few posts ago that I bought on Etsy and that would make all Riot Grrrl fans cry because it's so awesome) to the meet up, and so many people liked it! I was so surprised and flattered! I'm not used to ANYBODY knowing who Bikini Kill is, so to have all these amazing, stylish people come up and be like, "I love your jacket, Bikini Kill rocks!" was so nice and meaningful and amazing! A lot of people also asked to take pictures of it/my outfit, which was such an amazing and nice surprise! A few people from the Rookie staff took photos of it too, so I'm hoping they'll post it in the weekly road trip summaries/the Rookie Road Trip tumblr and stuff! It would be super cool to see it on there! It was also INSANE, because this girl came up to me and was like "I love your jacket, I saw it on Etsy and almost bought it!" And like, WHAT ARE THE ODDS? It was really crazy and I was flipping out because I'm all for coincidences like that because they convince me even more so that I have witch lineage and it was just intense and magical. THE WHOLE DAY WAS MAGICAL. 

I also talked to Petra and we had a really fun conversation and it was full of laughter and glee and talking about awkward experiences with homeless men. She took some photos of my outfit and jacket, which was such a pleasant surprise to the extreme and I was so flattered, and still am! She was super nice and was wearing this amazing white shag jacket that was full of Mick Jagger vibes and stuff. Her boyfriend was super nice and cool too. 

I met lots of awesome people, and I got some numbers and I'm so excited to hang with the girls I met! I had never been surrounded by so many awesomely dressed people in my life. I was literally like, drooling on people's outfits. It was so amazing to meet some of the Rookie staff and the people who read Rookie! This was literally the best day of my life, and the best day of summer I have ever had. 

I also have an Etsy now! As of now I only have one thing posted, which is another painted journal, but depending on when you read this I may have more stuff and the painted journal may be sold. I will be selling crowns, journals, patches, necklaces, earrings, and tons of awesome stuff!

DIY crown, mom's tights, Edge dress, Etsy jacket from THIS ETSY THAT I LOVE, American Apparel socks, Doc Marten mary janes that I love a lot, random Anselmo pin that my friends and I concluded must be from a hotel, and then some cheap crap pearls that I love due to their cheapness. YOU GUYS THE JACKET. Like... wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. I just love it. It smells like cigarettes a little, but it's okay because it just adds character and like, I just really love it. Like, I love it. Like, I'm actually in love with it, guys.

These are the little mementos I got from the Rookie meet up! A girl set up a little nail booth thing, and was doing girls' nails on this picnic blanket, and her friend was passing out fliers. As you can see by my bare thumb nail, I didn't get my nails painted, but the flier was cute and special so I kept it.

This is a polaroid of me and my friend Natalie. This girl we met, and are now friends with, (wahoo, making friends!) Maya took it and gave it to us, which was super nice! Maya literally has the most beautiful/amazing/inspiring journal I and you will ever see. I've been an intense diary writer for forever, but her journal has completely inspired me to want to collage and make my journal/diary so much more personal and stuff! This other girl whom I talked to for a while was so cool! The unicorn seahorse picture is her business card that she gave me. You guys should check it out, because she makes amazing head pieces/accessories and stuff. She had awesome piercings and blue hair and literally just looked fricken amazing. We talked about tattoos and piercings and LIFE, MAN.

This is the journal I made for Rookie/gave to Tavi. The first picture is a lot nicer and blur free. As you can see, I wrote Rookie super hugely. It is made mostly of nail polish and glitter glue, and then I just pressed buttons and other cool things into it. I tied bows on the ends after, which you can see in the second photo that sucks, but the bows make it super cute. I hope the Rookie staff likes/uses it!

So yeah! The Rookie meet up was like, the best day of my life? It was so amazing meeting and talking to cool people, and the entire experience was just like, euphoric and super fun and magical. I honestly wish there could be another meet up like, tomorrow. I literally can't even put in to words how amazing the meet up was. Seeing so many amazing people taking photographs and stuff was awesome, and I'm way more into photography now and I JUST FEEL SO INSPIRED LIKE OH MY GOD. 


saying no

I LIKE YOUR EARRINGS RONNIE. They're super cool, I wish I had a pair like that. I'd wear them everyday

1 and 2


boys and girls and gender

The whole concept of gender is just really weird. Two different types of humans/animals in general, male and female, and our society has defined male and female. It's sick and twisted and confusing. Society has told us that there is a right way to be a girl and a right way to be a boy. Gender stereotypes go both ways, and the stereotypes are very evident in both genders when depicted in society. I don't want to go into what these stereotypes are, but I just find it so weird that being a girl is THIS and being a boy is THAT. I don't think our bodies should make us so different, which is why it's so hard for me to grasp why two people with the same body can't be married legally. Gender isn't even REAL. It's just a figment used to explain the differences between the bodies of males and females. It definitely ties in with equality, but if people are still striving for equality, why do we still even have GENDER? Gender shouldn't even exist! Or should I say, the stereotypes and the ties that define gender shouldn't exist. I am a girl, you are a boy. My name is Eva, yours can be Tom. Other than that, we are completely the same. We are different people, but we are the same. I think sexist people, and misogynists, like... they're hating themselves. We are one species, and we are all connected. If you hate black people or white people or gay people or girls or boys or whatever, you are really just hating yourself, because those people are YOU. Racism and sexism and all that shit is just ridiculous. You are hating what you are, and you are hating the evolution of what you and what your species has become. I'm honestly just so confused right now, and I feel like what I wrote is really confusing because my thoughts are still jumbled and spastic. POOP. GENDER JUST SHOULDN'T EXIST. Because if two girls/two guys can't get married, I shouldn't even be able to marry a boy because we are all the same! We are ONE, which sounds cheesy and annoying but gender is just a figment and a cliché. I love being a girl, but I also hate the stereotypes that come with being a girl. Everything you feel you need to do is a stereotype, and everything you feel you need to do that a guy doesn't need to do is a stereotype, other than like, tampons and periods and stuff like that. A lot of girls don't feel pretty without makeup, because this stereotype has been formed that girls look prettier with makeup than without, while with guys it's "weird" if they wear makeup, and it's all just a big load of stereotype crap! It ties back with "there is no right way to be a girl/guy" but it's so much more than that! Like, of course if you're a girl you can look as masculine as you want if that's what you like, but it goes so much deeper, because the fact that the word masculine is more so a descriptive word for guys than girls, and that when it's used to describe girls it's basically saying they look more androgynous and "manly" or whatever is a stereotype and a double standard and is just discrimination within the whole field of gender. Like, why is masculine a descriptive word for males, or used to address males? And how come when it's used to describe girls it's saying they look like a dude? And when people say guys look feminine, it's saying they look like girl, which is just generalizing a shitload because a lot of girls do or choose to look "masculine!" Like, WHAT IS THIS?!?

I'm probably reading into this too much but I'm just questioning a lot of stuff, which I think is fine. My opinions may make no sense and be weird and totally obscure, but I'm okay with that because at least I'm attempting to question what is right and wrong and just society in general. What do you guys think about this, and what I just talked about?

And, since life shouldn't be this or that and life should just be LIFE, I will once again post one of my favorite songs and music videos by Noah and the Whale called Life is Life. 



Hello! Today I hung out with my friend Sammy. She took a picture of my outfit with her phone, so it's kind of a sucky picture but hopefully you get the gist of it! I will have better quality photos tomorrow since I'll be bringing my camera with me tomorrow when I see her again! Also feel free to admire her finger, which she oh-so-cleverly put in front of the camera-for the sake of aesthetic-and which is bigger than me since I'm such a small thing.

Phone cameras really suck. It's super annoying. iPhone cameras are the BOMB, but all other cameras suck butt. My friend has a super nice blackberry and yet THIS IS THE BEST PHOTO IT CAN PRODUCE. I think all phones would be much better if the cameras were of better quality. Or maybe they are and my friend just sucks at taking pictures. It could be the latter. 

My boots are gold and super cool. I'm wearing this semi sheer tank top and then this cropped turtleneck underneath that I generously stole from my friend so she wouldn't need to worry about losing it. I'm very considerate. I am also wearing a Bebe cardigan that I really like and still have on because it would require too much energy to take off. I feel really cool because my summer is getting very social. I have plans to hang out with my friend Sammy again like, twice more this week! Not to mention my MULTIPLE FACEBOOK CONVERSATIONS THAT TOOK PLACE ON FACEBOOK. I'm just a social butterfly.

shit pearls from a craft store, necklace my dad got me, borrowed turtleneck, thrifted tank, Bebe cardigan via the thrift store, Forever21 tights via 7th grade, thrifted boots, swag.

These jamz are fricken awesome. The picture is super pixelated from resizing, but the music is spot on! Tons of retro summer vibes!


riot grrrl vibes part 3

This is the... third riot grrrl vibe post I believe? It consists mainly of Kathleen Hanna images, zine images, and a few obnoxious gifs that somehow maintain a sense of appeal. The moderate organization was completely accidental, and must be due to my karmatic aura which is off the charts (i'm a good citizen) and the fact that I have witch vibes in my blood and psychic powers (i truly am psychic.)  The obnoxious gifs would also make really cute room banners, so I need to get on that.

I've been hesitant to actually DISCUSS stuff with these riot grrrl vibe posts, because I know that the posts are already incredibly long and I didn't really want to add to that. But I feel like I'm missing out on not saying anything when I have all these inspiring photos to stare at and lick. 

So yeah. I'm just going to talk about some stuff.

Riot Grrrl is like a life changing obsession. Once you get obsessed, you develop this unshakable integrity to do Riot Grrrl proud, and live according to all it ever stood for. This would include-the obvious-girl power, but also internal strength and self-acceptance, which is something the majority of teenagers (including myself) struggle with on the daily. I'm just going to be frank and generalize here, but it seems that all teenagers ever really want is to be accepted for all that they are, by everyone, just for simply being themselves. I'm always horribly jealous of those socially capable people, because everyone likes them for them. I'm pretty guarded with people I'm not comfortable around. Sometimes my "I don't give a shit" super power kicks in and I just start road ragin' and everything about me that makes me who I am just explodes. It's funny, because I'm always happiest at those times, but it's really hard to be completely confident and completely myself (dropping the cliché bomb) at all times. Riot Grrrl kind of motivates me to be Courtney Love though, and have that "fuck it" attitude. I want to be like Courtney (minus the drugz and stuff) and just be LOUD and CRAZY and INSANE, even when I'm insecure and at my lowest point. Courtney is just such an amazing role model (again, drugz and stuff not included) when it comes to self acceptance and confidence and the "not giving a shit" super power that everyone has, but that takes time to develop. Mine is in the works (hurrah!) but still not fully developed. For now Riot Grrrl music will be my carbon fuel for fueling the carbon me.

yay for proud nudity!

All these photos are from THIS amazing tumblr.