riot grrrl vibes part 3

This is the... third riot grrrl vibe post I believe? It consists mainly of Kathleen Hanna images, zine images, and a few obnoxious gifs that somehow maintain a sense of appeal. The moderate organization was completely accidental, and must be due to my karmatic aura which is off the charts (i'm a good citizen) and the fact that I have witch vibes in my blood and psychic powers (i truly am psychic.)  The obnoxious gifs would also make really cute room banners, so I need to get on that.

I've been hesitant to actually DISCUSS stuff with these riot grrrl vibe posts, because I know that the posts are already incredibly long and I didn't really want to add to that. But I feel like I'm missing out on not saying anything when I have all these inspiring photos to stare at and lick. 

So yeah. I'm just going to talk about some stuff.

Riot Grrrl is like a life changing obsession. Once you get obsessed, you develop this unshakable integrity to do Riot Grrrl proud, and live according to all it ever stood for. This would include-the obvious-girl power, but also internal strength and self-acceptance, which is something the majority of teenagers (including myself) struggle with on the daily. I'm just going to be frank and generalize here, but it seems that all teenagers ever really want is to be accepted for all that they are, by everyone, just for simply being themselves. I'm always horribly jealous of those socially capable people, because everyone likes them for them. I'm pretty guarded with people I'm not comfortable around. Sometimes my "I don't give a shit" super power kicks in and I just start road ragin' and everything about me that makes me who I am just explodes. It's funny, because I'm always happiest at those times, but it's really hard to be completely confident and completely myself (dropping the cliché bomb) at all times. Riot Grrrl kind of motivates me to be Courtney Love though, and have that "fuck it" attitude. I want to be like Courtney (minus the drugz and stuff) and just be LOUD and CRAZY and INSANE, even when I'm insecure and at my lowest point. Courtney is just such an amazing role model (again, drugz and stuff not included) when it comes to self acceptance and confidence and the "not giving a shit" super power that everyone has, but that takes time to develop. Mine is in the works (hurrah!) but still not fully developed. For now Riot Grrrl music will be my carbon fuel for fueling the carbon me.

yay for proud nudity!

All these photos are from THIS amazing tumblr.


  1. great message!


  2. Whoot Go Riot Grrrl! I love these vibe posts, they like rule! You made me Riot Grrrl proud!!!!!
    I must get addicted...


  4. I love the catcaller form! It would be hilarious to give that one out to the men staring at you (and quite embarrassing for them).
    And thank you so much for your lovely comment about my hair colour! I've expermented a lot with colour and now I've found it - been a redhead inside since I was born :-D And so I even named my blog after my hair...

    Mary Jane

  5. I can tell you are totally passionate about this! I liked the catcaller form, it's sooooo frustrating when that happens. Following you :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. great <3 love the pictures

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