rookie road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the Rookie meet up yesterday, and it was literally fricken awesome to the extreme! I didn't really take any photos, because I didn't want to bring Le Fancy Cam, and I didn't have a chance to buy a disposable (which I love more than life because they just epitomize the timeless vibes that summer possesses) so instead I just enjoyed every moment with my eyes and mind and collected a few souvenirs for the road! I got to meet Tavi. It was really brief because I was so nervous, but I wanted to give her this notebook/journal I decorated for her/the Rookie staff. I made it out of nail polish and glitter and recycled (up-cycled) materials and then I tied bows on it. Tavi was so fricken nice and I was all nervous and like "Hi I'm Eva I made this for you." And she was all nice and cool and like "OMG THIS IS AMAZING! How long did this take?" And I was like "Oh not that long. I made it from nail polish and glitter glue." And she was all "That's so cool!" And it literally made me so happy!

It was really crazy, because I wore my amazing jacket (that I told you about a few posts ago that I bought on Etsy and that would make all Riot Grrrl fans cry because it's so awesome) to the meet up, and so many people liked it! I was so surprised and flattered! I'm not used to ANYBODY knowing who Bikini Kill is, so to have all these amazing, stylish people come up and be like, "I love your jacket, Bikini Kill rocks!" was so nice and meaningful and amazing! A lot of people also asked to take pictures of it/my outfit, which was such an amazing and nice surprise! A few people from the Rookie staff took photos of it too, so I'm hoping they'll post it in the weekly road trip summaries/the Rookie Road Trip tumblr and stuff! It would be super cool to see it on there! It was also INSANE, because this girl came up to me and was like "I love your jacket, I saw it on Etsy and almost bought it!" And like, WHAT ARE THE ODDS? It was really crazy and I was flipping out because I'm all for coincidences like that because they convince me even more so that I have witch lineage and it was just intense and magical. THE WHOLE DAY WAS MAGICAL. 

I also talked to Petra and we had a really fun conversation and it was full of laughter and glee and talking about awkward experiences with homeless men. She took some photos of my outfit and jacket, which was such a pleasant surprise to the extreme and I was so flattered, and still am! She was super nice and was wearing this amazing white shag jacket that was full of Mick Jagger vibes and stuff. Her boyfriend was super nice and cool too. 

I met lots of awesome people, and I got some numbers and I'm so excited to hang with the girls I met! I had never been surrounded by so many awesomely dressed people in my life. I was literally like, drooling on people's outfits. It was so amazing to meet some of the Rookie staff and the people who read Rookie! This was literally the best day of my life, and the best day of summer I have ever had. 

I also have an Etsy now! As of now I only have one thing posted, which is another painted journal, but depending on when you read this I may have more stuff and the painted journal may be sold. I will be selling crowns, journals, patches, necklaces, earrings, and tons of awesome stuff!

DIY crown, mom's tights, Edge dress, Etsy jacket from THIS ETSY THAT I LOVE, American Apparel socks, Doc Marten mary janes that I love a lot, random Anselmo pin that my friends and I concluded must be from a hotel, and then some cheap crap pearls that I love due to their cheapness. YOU GUYS THE JACKET. Like... wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. I just love it. It smells like cigarettes a little, but it's okay because it just adds character and like, I just really love it. Like, I love it. Like, I'm actually in love with it, guys.

These are the little mementos I got from the Rookie meet up! A girl set up a little nail booth thing, and was doing girls' nails on this picnic blanket, and her friend was passing out fliers. As you can see by my bare thumb nail, I didn't get my nails painted, but the flier was cute and special so I kept it.

This is a polaroid of me and my friend Natalie. This girl we met, and are now friends with, (wahoo, making friends!) Maya took it and gave it to us, which was super nice! Maya literally has the most beautiful/amazing/inspiring journal I and you will ever see. I've been an intense diary writer for forever, but her journal has completely inspired me to want to collage and make my journal/diary so much more personal and stuff! This other girl whom I talked to for a while was so cool! The unicorn seahorse picture is her business card that she gave me. You guys should check it out, because she makes amazing head pieces/accessories and stuff. She had awesome piercings and blue hair and literally just looked fricken amazing. We talked about tattoos and piercings and LIFE, MAN.

This is the journal I made for Rookie/gave to Tavi. The first picture is a lot nicer and blur free. As you can see, I wrote Rookie super hugely. It is made mostly of nail polish and glitter glue, and then I just pressed buttons and other cool things into it. I tied bows on the ends after, which you can see in the second photo that sucks, but the bows make it super cute. I hope the Rookie staff likes/uses it!

So yeah! The Rookie meet up was like, the best day of my life? It was so amazing meeting and talking to cool people, and the entire experience was just like, euphoric and super fun and magical. I honestly wish there could be another meet up like, tomorrow. I literally can't even put in to words how amazing the meet up was. Seeing so many amazing people taking photographs and stuff was awesome, and I'm way more into photography now and I JUST FEEL SO INSPIRED LIKE OH MY GOD. 


  1. I love your outfit grrrl! And I'm ridiculously jealous of your Rookie Roadtrip Experience! Sounds like you had a WICKED AWESOME TIME! love the jacket too!!!! GAh!! I can't wait to see more of your etsy items too, I have an Etsy now too but will probably share it a little later!!

  2. oh wow! the book is wonderful. i'm trying not to be jealous that you met all the rookie's. WISH I LIVED IN AMERICA!!!
    your outfit is absolutely fantabidoobie. especially love the jacket, but it all looks lovely together :)x x x


  3. OMG Eva. Firstly, YOUR OUTFIT AND JACKET TO DIE FOR. Second, WOW I'M SO JEALOUS. You got to meet Tavi and Petra? That's so cool! The meet up sounds seriously amazing and I'm sad that I can't go to one... not even the london one..sob. Your journal is cool and I'm sure the etsy will be too!

  4. Your headband is awesome :) I'm your new follower :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  5. Man that is so awesome that you got to meet the Rookie crew! I can tell you are on such a high from meeting them in the way you wrote this hahaha and your jacket so beautiful <3

  6. This is so good I almost cried. Your socks n shoes are great and YOUR JACKET!! Sounds like so much fun aww <33

  7. love that headband :))


  8. This entire outfit is amazing!

  9. Your outfit was one of the best there. It had all the girls going CRAZY. I wish we could have met and talked for a little.

    1. Aw thanks! Yours was amazing too. Hopefully there is another Bay Area Rookie reader get together and we have a chance to meet and talk a little!

  10. Amazing outfit! And yes, I'd definitely follow your blog sweety!


  11. great post, u look lovely in that outfit.
    how about following each other darl.

  12. thanks for your cute comment on my blog beaut <3 I don't have an etsy but might sell some of the bits on my ebay account :) love this outfit! the jacket is amazing!! xx

  13. Nice blog dear!

  14. Adorable look! I love the whole thing especially your flower crown!



  15. Awesome! I wanted to go to the Rookie road trip! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog!

  16. I totally LOVE your crown, so glad you had such an amazing afternoon!

  17. It sounds like you had an awesome day - it's so nice to meet like-minded people! Your outfit is so cute!! Love the shoes and the crown =D

  18. That looks like such an amazing time! And I am SO obsessed with your outfit. Love the DIY flower crown. SO Cute.


  19. super cute pics, super cute you!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know!
    see you around!


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