summer of '72

UGHHH I have so much to post and rant about that I don't even know where to start, and the odds that what I'm about to write will show any grammatical or organizational skill is just not likely because again, I just have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

First off, I have been obsessively watching, and rewatching, episodes of Sweet Valley High and the movie Now and Then (i.e. my favorite movie on the planet because a) I love Thora Birch and b) I love the classic summer, bike riding, suburbia vibes.) I want the summer in Now and Then. I want the bike riding and random lake swimming and graveyard seances and treehouse gossip sessions! I tried to recreate it the other day when I went to my friend's house. She lives in a culdesack (cul de sac?) and we attempted to bike ride to her community pool. It was a big fail, because the bikes were too small, our tires were flat, and I practically fell off the bike multiple times, so we ended up just walking to the pool. There also happened to be a neighborhood baseball game going on, but we couldn't take part because the kids who were playing were barely potty trained. We were also going to go to the graveyard near her house that night and bring her Ouija Board and blast summer eery tunes and light some candles while trying to talk to the spirits, but then we forgot when the season finale of The Bachelorette came on.

I obviously love technology, but I also wish that I could just have a classic summer of suburban adventures and bike riding down dirt roads singing along to songs on the radio! 

I love her necklace!

Some screenshots from Now and Then. I really love all the tops and color combinations Teeny and Chrissy wear, and all the Keds are an obvious plus. And all their bikes are such pretty colors!!! And I love Chrissy's basket and Teeny's radio/music player thing she strapped onto her bike. 

Secondly, I am becoming super, super obsessed with what I call the 80s Madonna Prom Look. I was looking at the Rookie tumblr and saw photos from their prom night (which looked so amazingly fun I wish I could have gone!) and the people literally were dressed to the absolute pinnacle of awesome. There were so many tulley and lacy prom dresses! And they were all so VINTAGE. I was literally like,  about to cry when I saw what people were wearing because I've never wanted to steal anybody's outfit so badly in my entire life. There were pretty pastel dresses, colorful makeup, crowns, tiaras, hair clips, and tons of layered, plastic jewelry that looked amazing beyond belief! My style has been... ever changing over the past year or so, and looking back at some of the things I wore I literally cringe because it's so icky and gross looking. I had a weird skirt faze, then a fairy faze, and now I'm kind of in a punk faze. My style is definitely going to be verging more towards the 80s Madonna Prom Look that I've been talking about, and I have some pictures to show you guys for reference. I'm also obsessed with Courtney Love's style during the 90s when she was in Hole, i.e. baby doll dresses, red lipstick, smudged eye makeup, tiaras, and plastic hair clips.

That purple dress is literally my ultimate dream dress. I have no idea what that tulle layering on the skirt is called, but the lavender color and everything about it is literally so perfect and beautiful. I also love the dress from Pretty in Pink that Molly Ringwald wore. I also liked it a lot before she reconstructed it, but it still looked cool. 

Just some awesome crowns and pretty hair.

DUDE. Her makeup and her crown and her jewelry is literally the best thing I've ever seen on Earth. EVER. Like, I literally love this so much. I want a cool plastic crown so bad!

The girl's dress on the far right is sooooooooo pretty.

ALSO: I am SO BORED WITH MY HAIR. I want to dye it and cut it and make it really different. For colors, I was thinking a dark brown or bleached blonde or a bright red, and then for the style, I kind of want bangs. I had them before but I HATED THEM, but I kind of want them again but I don't want to get them and then end up hating them, because they take sooooo long to grow out. What do you think? Any ideas or thoughts on the color and style? And what do you think about bangs?


  1. Oh man, all the Rookie girls look so amazing! And a huge yes to Courtney Love's style too - she is completely the best.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. love those stills! i kinda wanna watch that movie now ahaha. and all those prom pics are too cute

    xx stephanie


  3. Ever since I saw little rascals I have wanted those summer suburban adventures!!! I actually kind of thought that was what America was like. I try to make my summer holidays like that sometimes. I do have a tiny bike that I ride near the beach. Also, I LOVED the Rookie prom night photos. Everything looks is so perfect and awesome:)

  4. Rookie girls are the best! I think dark red would be so awesome for a hair colour! Kind of like Emma Stone, I've always wanted red hair!

  5. wish i went to the event! looks so fun


  6. I love your blog! And your style!

    Please check out mine: http://fashion-dorks.blogspot.com/


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