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This Fall 2008 Luella collection has been sitting on my computer for ages. I don't know why I never got around to posting it. Honestly, it doesn't even matter that this collection is 4 years old, because the witchy, Halloweeny vibes are timeless and priceless. My style has definitely been getting darker/more punk, and I think this collection represents the style I'm very obsessed with as of now, which, again, is kind of punk/dark/haunted looking, and sort of... I want to say, doll-like? Which is probably because I'm listening to Courtney Love's/Hole's Doll Parts. But I think this collection is very much doll-like! It's just perfect and so pretty and bad ass and whimsical, which are things I associate with creepy, porcelain, antique dolls. Also, for those of you who had a Stardoll phase at some point, you will probably recognize the bottom middle dress as a dress that was sold on Stardoll. I used to play on Stardoll back in the day, but then my friend hacked my account and sold all my clothes and SCARED ME TO DEATH BECAUSE I THOUGHT I WAS BEING STALKED. But don't worry I'm okay now.

Anyway, I know this collection is from four years ago, but I don't really care. I think it's still an amazing collection to see and one that people should see! I don't really see witchy vibes like this on the runways (meaning the pictures of the runways I see on vogue/style.com) anymore. Witchy vibes are so important to societal life, you guys! Like, common! Hocus Pocus? Halloween Town? Macbeth? YOU GUYS, THOSE ARE THREE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS, and witches are like, the prime importance of all three. I love witches, I'm pretty sure there is witch lineage on my mom's side. Not even kidding. (Sorry the pictures are blurry. I got these off style.com a long time ago, and pictures from style.com are always really blurry when they're blown up, and they didn't have Luella on vogue.com.)

Not only all of the above, but all these pieces are so fricken wearable! I love how the collection is clearly super "bolts and nails," but is accented nicely with softer lines and flowy fabrics. It's a really nice balance. I also love the bright colors that are slightly muted (kind of contradictory) like that amazing blue dress, and all the red plaid! THE PLAID. I love the plaid! The crimped hair is also a total winner. I think a Nine Inch Nails song would be the perfect anthem for this collection. I love how the models are styled, too! It really plays with age, and the models with gray hair totally encompass all witch vibes possible. I think the story behind this collection is that a super cool Witch Girl, named Witch Girl, has just moved to a suburban town. Witch Girl just happens to be a witch, and she has to blend in with the rest of her fellow teenz in high school, but still wants to incorporate her witch heritage into her style, so she combines lace, gothic vibes, and pointy hats with plaid skirts, colored tights, layers, and velvet. She also happens to be Weetzie Bat's cousin, who generously lends her her hair crimper and some of her really cool shoes. (I really wish I had a sister, because then we could be The Weird Sisters, and be witchy together.) (Did you catch the Macbeth reference?)

Here are some classy songs for my fellow witch and warlock chronies! Enjoy the wicked jamz.

1. Doll Parts
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit
3. The Witch is Dead
4. Teen Witch
5. Physical
6. Learn to Fly
7. Broomstick
8. Defying Gravity


  1. great post! :)


  2. I love the bold pops of orange and blue! =)


  3. i can't believe i haven't seen that luella collection before.
    i have officially fallen in love.
    completely and utterly.
    i also love the playlist very much so:D great post!!!


  4. fun inspiration!


  5. omg this looks like such an awesome collection!



  6. Woah, this collection is indeed very cool. I completely agree that some of the pieces are indeed very wearable - especially the blue dress, for me. That's really cute. ^^
    And ahh hahah, I like you compilation of "witchy" songs at the bottom. I admit I haven't heard any of them, really, save for "Defying Gravity." I saw that show on Broadway in NY and oh my goodness...amazing!
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

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