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So one of my favorite things to watch is this video, in which Miranda July poses and acts really cool. I tried to make my own version, but my editing skills are really pathetic and I couldn't cut anything properly the way hers consists of individual frames, so mine is just basically consecutive poses all in one frame! It's not as good as hers, but it's still kinda cool, and my outfit looks nice. When I was making the video, I thought I looked really cool and uber suave. I now realize that I move super awkwardly and that my body language translates as confused and uncomfortable, which is moderately embarrassing. In reality though, I thought I was being that cool type of awkward that is super awkward, yet cool. Hopefully that's what I achieved. 

Also, if you're totally digging that awesome flower crown I'm wearing, BEHOLD! I will soon be opening an etsy store and selling tons of pretty crowns and other cool stuff that is both comfortable and stylin'. What you see in the video is kind of what my style has been like recently. I thrifted that shirt, and then I cut the fabric under the collar so that it looks all cool. I'm probably going to sew a patch or something onto the front. I made a really cool one that says PUNX in purple on some pretty, flowery fabric. I've just been seeing PUNX everywhere on etsy when I search feminist/riot grrrl stuff. I don't really know what it means, I'm assuming it's just a cool way to say PUNKS/PUNK, or perhaps a reference to Hunx and His Punx, hence, one of my favorite bands. Either way, I think it looks awesome, and hopefully it doesn't mean something really weird like avid farter or anything.

ALSO, big big news!! I bought a jacket on Etsy yesterday! It's literally so amazing. All you Riot Grrrl lovers and enthusiasts are going to die and probably cry, because that's what I did when I first saw the jacket. I want to keep the jacket a surprise, so I'm not going to tell you anything other than it's a leather (pleather, actually. wahoo!) jacket. The lady (she was actually a grrrl who was so amazing and cool and I wish I knew her in real life because I think we would be good friends and she is 21 and can legally drink, which is super impressive!) who sold it to me was beyond nice and helpful, so go checkout her awesome store here!

And for the third also, I will hopefully have a lot more outfit posts soon. The problem is that I really only like making outfit posts of things I've actually worn, rather than just dressing up for a photo shoot, and since it's summer and I'm lazy, I usually either don't get out of my pajamas, or I forget to take pictures of my outfits when I'm out with friends or when I just happen to be in clothes other than the ones I sleep in. I'm hanging out with my amazing friend Natalie tomorrow though who has an amazing iPHONE, so hopefully she can snap some photos of me!

One last thing! I made a youtube channel where I will probably post cool shit, so if you want to subscribe feel free! CLICK.


  1. This video is so cool!! Well done on finding enough poses to fill up three minutes. And i love this song. Blonde redhead all the way:)
    Can't wait too see this amaizng jacket. hopefully i won't die too much:0

  2. cool video!



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