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I am so in love with this. What it says is super cool, but I also love the flower background! I get so many Disney Princess and 70s vibes from it. Flower boarders literally make everything that much cooler.

Ugh love.

Literally one of the prettiest photographs I've ever seen. It's so beautiful and peaceful and tranquil. Ugh. I literally wish this was my wallpaper. I wish my life was like this photograph.

BEAUTIFUL. Look at her eyes! So pretty.

Perfect beach polaroid. Nostalgic, wintery-beach vibes!

Pretty cactus photograph! So pretty. I love the colors and composition! Film photographs of cacti (ew I feel hella weird saying "cacti) are the best. Desert vibes rock too!
Since tumblr is really unreliable when it comes to sourcing photos, I don't have any of the sources for these photos. If you know who the source is, let me know so I can rightfully credit the artists behind the genius!


boy oh boy

Woah. Finally an outfit post. I'm in the process of redecorating my room, hence the cool table cloth material behind me. One of the strips fell down and I ran out of band aids, so I can't put it back up yet. I tried to make myself in focus, but I'm still figuring out my new camera, so the background is focused instead. I think it looks kind of cool though, and the table cloth strips are so pretty and detailed, they deserve to be the center of attention. The blurred effect also adds to my badass-looking outfit. I was (and have been) going for a Joan Jett/punk/rocker vibe, so I've been wearing a lot of blacks and reds lately. 
 bitch face
 A mask from my collection
 rockin' out
My favorite earrings and necklace. I got the earrings at a cool store that sold really pretty jewelry and statues and stuff, and the necklace is from Puerto Rico when I went on a community service trip with my class in 8th grade.

I've also been thinking a lot about stuff I wanna do after high school is over and done with. I think I'm going to join the Peace Corps, or something similar to the Peace Corps. I plan on becoming fluent in five languages (so far I have English, almost Spanish, and I'm working on Mandarin), and then traveling a lot to see the world, as well as volunteering in rural countries and helping people and such. I have my entire life ahead to settle down and start a career, but before I do that, I really want to experience different cultures and help people. Oh, and I also plan on going on Survivor. 

Yesterday I watched Anne of Green Gables, the original 1934 version. It was literally so amazing and happy and perfect. Dawn O'day, also known as Anne Shirley, played Anne Shirley and she was so amazing, and Gilbert was hot and so cool and the movie was just so uplifting. You should really watch it. 

dream journal: dreamy boy included

Erica, Chelsea Peacock, Rebekah Campbell


vintage, unknown

beautiful. unknown

life and death. unknown


so pretty. unknown

amazing band <3 love them! unknown



ew i cannot even look at the outfits i wore last year without cringing uncontrollably. too nasty for words. don't look at them it's embarrassing.

On another note, I've been super obsessed with Amy Winehouse. She is kind of just too perfect and cool and good at singing and stylish. It's getting a bit outta control. I changed my tumblr music a few days ago for the first time in forever to Amy's albums Frank and Back to Black. They are so great, I literally just wanna listen to her sing all the time. I'm so bummed and depressed she isn't alive anymore. 


hello human, you're alive

Hey dudes. I really wish I posted more photos on this blog, but sometimes I'm just way too lazy and tired, and I just want to rant about my life to other teenz who get my pain.

Like today. I gave an impromptu class rep speech. It was a pretty big fail. I was super nervous. I said hello about three times, said that the student lounge (where me and my fellow 10th graders hang) needed to get a permanent air freshener, that there should be a gender switch day for spirit day, and that it would be cool to have a second microwave. Then I awkwardly was like, "yeah, um, thanks" and went and sat down.

And guess what. I WON!
Just kidding.

But it's okay. I wasn't expecting to win, and I didn't deserve to win either. There were kids who worked way harder on their speeches, and I wasn't even planning on running (I decided not to when I found out we had to make a video in addition to a speech). They didn't take my name off the ballad so everyone was like, "Eva, make a speech, just do it!" So guess what. I JUST DID IT. It turned out alright though. My friend Josh voted for me, and I voted for myself, and hopefully I got a few more votes on top of that. Maintaining the 'fuck you' mindset of Enid has helped me to overcome this cringeworthy experience. I must say, I can't fathom how on EARTH I will ever move on from this traumatic experience...

Here are some cool visual oddities to sooth your tortured soul.

Shoulda been an album cover for ze Beatles.

Roses are red. Violets give you luck. Now go shit your face cuz I don't give a fuck.

Can this please be mine?

inspiration for my art tumblr


i love i love i love

fuck yes

happiness <3


sniff the pits

Yoo. This is just a really weird rant. The last two paragraphs are in honor of SlutWalk.

I don't even know what I'm talking about. EW I just drank luke warm milk and it's literally so disgusting I actually want to barf it up. Ew that was so nasty.

The other day/yesterday, in Health and Wellness class, we were talking about what we'd like to talk about (ha). We were also talking about offending people with what we wear, and I was just like, "aw fucking ey." Like, if you wear a shirt that says, like, "DIE REPUBLICANS" obviously that's offensive, but to me, wearing a shirt that has a few swear words on it is entirely not offensive at all. My super best friend Natalie who is awesome, was all like, "How are you supposed to even know what's offensive if we're told to suppress everything we believe in," which is just too genius for words. My school doesn't have a dress code, other than the obvious of like, don't come to school naked, don't promote drugs/alcohol, etc, so I feel like it's really hypocritical of them to tell us we can't wear "offensive clothing" when there aren't even guidelines as to what "offensive" is. I think if a person wears a shirt that expresses an opinion, they have the right to wear it. And OH MY GOD. In middle school, they were like "Your skirts can only be 4 inches above your knee, because otherwise it's distracting for your male classmates AND your male teachers." Um, EXCUSE ME? First of all, don't teach children to be ashamed of their bodies, or that they need to cover up their bodies because the human body is "distracting." Like, what shit heads. Not only that, but WHAT A FUCKING DOUBLE STANDARD. They tell US GIRLS, that we can't show "too much leg/boobage," and yet it's TOTALLY OKAY for guys to sag. I'm not saying guys shouldn't be allowed to sag, I'm saying if girls have to "cover up," then guys should too. I can't wait to bitch slap half the teachers in my middle school. They sucked fucking shit. Obviously there are boundaries, but just SHUT YOUR FACES UGHHH. And ALSO, distracting male teachers? NASTY TO THE EXTREME, EXCUSE ME? HOW NASTY IS THAT? Oh, and then they were all like, "no cleavage." Well, excuse me if some girls have big boobs. Does that mean they need to wear turtlenecks? WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY?!?!?!?!?!

I'm trying to get back into doing outfit posts and stuff, but my outfits are really boring. I'm just getting really into art as well as doing well in school, and although I love fashion and clothes, I'm sort of tired of experimenting and wearing crazy shit, feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and blah. I completely admire and love the people who are so outgoing with the things they wear, and I've always been like "be like tavi, be fearless" but I feel awkward wearing these really crazy ensembles that don't express who I am. I think I'm just going to allow myself to just naturally fall into step with my style. I think fashion and self expression are beyond important, but I'm also figuring out that there are other ways of expressing yourself other than through getting dressed, such as art and expressing your beliefs and opinions in situations. Like, the other day, my friends and I were talking about how this guy was facebook stalking my friend, and we were just laughing at how it was kinda funny, and then my friend was like "It's okay for girls to facebook stalk, and like really old photos of people, but guys can't do that." And I just said "Well that's a gross double standard."

I also feel like it's really hard to like... express to people why slut shaming is wrong. My friends were talking about how this girl at our school had had sex with this one guy multiple times, they weren't even friends, blah blah, and how she was such a slut. And like, how are you supposed to be like "don't slut shame," because some people may not understand what slut shaming is. It was also annoying because the guy she was having sex with was having sex with the girl just as many times as she was having sex with him, OBVIOUSLY, and yet my friends didn't even blink an eye. I think blogging and Rookie have opened my eyes to so many double standards and so much sexism (and it's sad, because girls can we sooooo sexist towards other girls!) and it's just like, how do you explain to people why it's so wrong?

photo via whitekaffir.tumblr.com


we intend to create havoc

Go visit Hollie's Blog. It is so incredibly perfect.
Gustav Klimt, The Virgin

ha, reality

via Girl Guts tumblr

Ann Muddy

Pink Floyd

Courtney Love as FAIRY

visual perfection


longing 4 johnny

So to everyone who read my last post, THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION! It sparked such an interesting conversation and such a wide span of ideas and opinions in the comments section. It was so great reading everything you guys had to say. If you haven't already, you may just want to go and read the comments if you haven't seen them all yet.

I feel like my blog is kind of an art/fashion/philosophy blog. Practically all my posts entwine my opinion on SOMETHING, and how said thing pisses me off or inspires me or is total crap. School literally just started a week ago and I've already had one panic attack and it SUCKED BALLZ. I feel like my parents have been treating me like I'm this tedious object prone to explosion because of it, and it's so annoying. Like, I'm fine. And lately I've literally just been like a machine, drawing and collaging and making SO MUCH STUFF. It's kind of like catharsis for me; it's just hella therapeutic. And I've literally been on a pepper drawing rampage. It's weird!!!! I just LOVE drawing peppers. I also really like drawing weird looking people, like below. I'm probably capable of drawing a much more realistic portrait of a person, but I'm too lazy to try. I also like big features and messiness in art and imperfections, because imperfections just humanize everything.

And also, one thing that bothers me about fashion and style in general, is that how you dress defines you. If you wear booty shorts and crop tops, you're labeled as a slut. If you dress nerdy, you're a nerd, etc. It sucks how society views fashion and the ways in which fashion is associated with one's character and personality. If I wear booty shorts and a crop top it's BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. It's not because I'm trying to look hot4boys. If I wear long skirts and look matronly, I'M NOT A MOTHER. I'm just wearing clothes that look cool. If I'm lazy I'm not even gonna TRY looking cool in any way because I'm just not feeling it and I don't care. Clothes shouldn't define a person, and yet they seem to. Like, what the fuck society.


I don't really like this one. I'll probably change it.


the masked teen

Please at least read the thing that says READ THIS THING. But please read everything.
You guys probably recognize this outfit from my Rookie post. I just saw this photo of me wearing it, and I think I/my pose looks cool so I just decided to post the photo/outfit again. I feel like my interest in fashion is dying out. I think it's partly due to frustration, and the fact that I just have no idea what I like to wear or what my style is. I'm also just becoming really interested in other things, like school and art and writing. I'm also still just really, really, really not sure who I am or what my personality is (yeah how said is that I'm like, not even sure what my personality is. wutdafuck) and due to this it's really hard to know what I like to wear. I still love fashion and clothes, but I'm more into making and embellishing clothes and making pieces look really cool, rather than like, actually dressing "fashionably." Because like, nobody is fashionable, or should I say, nobody is UNfashionable. Actually, I'd rather just say nobody is fashionable. Being fashionable is just impossible, it's more about being creative. Like, what is considered "fashionable" just bores me half to death. Like, oh wow, impressive! A neutral colored maxi skirt with some Jeffrey Campbell heels and a sheer button down! WOW, FASHIONABLE. Sure, it looks nice and it's pretty and "stylish." But it's not creative or inspiring or different, and to me fashion is being creative and inspiring and different. It's about pushing boundaries. So I guess there are fashionable people, but to me you're only fashionable if your style is different and unique and inspiring. I don't think I'm fashionable, I'm just too lazy to be inspiringly daring. I don't even know what I'm talking about I'm tired. I wish I was fashionable but sometimes I don't have the confidence to dress super duper daring, or to like, dye my hair pink or get really short bangs. I think once I'm 100% confident and less angsty I'll dress better because I'll know myself better.

These are masks from my mask collection. So far I have three masks in my collection. I'm hunting for more. I like masks because they're symbolic of the changes teenagers go through and how we're constantly adopting different characteristics and personalities as we try to discover who we are (ignore the cliché).

I'd also like to report that English is still my favorite subject. Discussing books and eloquently presenting opinions and various representations of themes and other crud in books is literally like my favorite thing to do in school. We're currently reading/discussing Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, and we were talking about learning and blah blah, and I said something like 'In Siddhartha, Siddhartha and Govinda and all the characters are able to choose their own path, and can learn what they want. They don't need to rush to understand anything or blah blah, and in school, we are learning in order to take tests and go to college. We have to understand things in time to be tested on the material, and there isn't any time to muddle through things. We aren't really learning for ourselves, because we need to learn certain things so we can be judged on how well we've learn them. It's not about how what we learn affects or changes us, it's about how well we learn what we need to learn in order to please the people who partake in deciding our future.' You know, something like that. People in my class responded and understood and stuff, and I was really happy I said it because I think it brought up a lot of interesting points, and made people think, including my teacher, who I'm not sure if I insulted or not. I don't think I insulted him... but who knows. He seemed kind of amused when I said it, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think about what I said though? Agree, disagree? LET'S HAVE A FAKE ENGLISH CLASS AND DISCUSS SAID PASSAGE IN THE COMMENTS.

Oh, and I drew another pepper. I'm like, obsessed with drawing peppers. What do you guys think? I need to work on the highlights for sure...