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Woah. Finally an outfit post. I'm in the process of redecorating my room, hence the cool table cloth material behind me. One of the strips fell down and I ran out of band aids, so I can't put it back up yet. I tried to make myself in focus, but I'm still figuring out my new camera, so the background is focused instead. I think it looks kind of cool though, and the table cloth strips are so pretty and detailed, they deserve to be the center of attention. The blurred effect also adds to my badass-looking outfit. I was (and have been) going for a Joan Jett/punk/rocker vibe, so I've been wearing a lot of blacks and reds lately. 
 bitch face
 A mask from my collection
 rockin' out
My favorite earrings and necklace. I got the earrings at a cool store that sold really pretty jewelry and statues and stuff, and the necklace is from Puerto Rico when I went on a community service trip with my class in 8th grade.

I've also been thinking a lot about stuff I wanna do after high school is over and done with. I think I'm going to join the Peace Corps, or something similar to the Peace Corps. I plan on becoming fluent in five languages (so far I have English, almost Spanish, and I'm working on Mandarin), and then traveling a lot to see the world, as well as volunteering in rural countries and helping people and such. I have my entire life ahead to settle down and start a career, but before I do that, I really want to experience different cultures and help people. Oh, and I also plan on going on Survivor. 

Yesterday I watched Anne of Green Gables, the original 1934 version. It was literally so amazing and happy and perfect. Dawn O'day, also known as Anne Shirley, played Anne Shirley and she was so amazing, and Gilbert was hot and so cool and the movie was just so uplifting. You should really watch it. 

dream journal: dreamy boy included

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  1. This outfit is so coool and you look so coool and man I am so jealous of your language abilities! It is a life goal of mine to be fluent in Spanish.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. This is a really good playlist thingy. I don't know anyone else my age that listens to Guided By Voices. Also your outfit is really fabulous.

  3. Eva you are so amazing and I love this outfit and just you are awesome.
    Srrsly let's hang out soon.

  4. this is so amazing aklsdhfls

    you are so good at the vibe pictures! i just want to dive into them and live my life in dreamy lipstick pictures...

    your outfit is also sooooooo cooooooooooooollllllllllll


  5. EVA! I nominated you for this award thingy for bloggers with less than 200 followers! Here's a link to my post telling you what to do.
    <3 you.

  6. my oh my you're awesome and I totally adore your blog ❤ ___ ❤

  7. lovelovelove this post. so much to look at! that journal is amazing.
    and i love your cardigan, beautiful!
    jessica x

  8. THIS POST IS TERRIFYINGLY AMAZING. I adore your outfit and your room! Love room re-arranging. I can totally relate to all of your post-high school/rest-of-life plans. I am always planning my life but half the time I hope none of what I plan happens, because damn that would be boring. A suggestion with your languages, perhaps try languages that are of the same origin as what you know as they are easier to learn? I also want to be fluent in heaps of languages, I already know English (duh) and Italian so next I want to do Spanish and French because they are quite similar to Italian. But I also want to learn Braille and sign language. I want to communicate with everybody!!


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