ew i cannot even look at the outfits i wore last year without cringing uncontrollably. too nasty for words. don't look at them it's embarrassing.

On another note, I've been super obsessed with Amy Winehouse. She is kind of just too perfect and cool and good at singing and stylish. It's getting a bit outta control. I changed my tumblr music a few days ago for the first time in forever to Amy's albums Frank and Back to Black. They are so great, I literally just wanna listen to her sing all the time. I'm so bummed and depressed she isn't alive anymore. 


  1. Amy is so wonderful. It is so sad she left the earth. She and Jannis Joplin. sigh.
    Oh and i totally get what you mean about old outfits. When I first started blogging I was in the middle of a really awkward style transition that involved me living in really awful hot topic suspenders, delia's tshirts, and pink converse. ugh it was the worst.

  2. Amy Winehouse cool! so sorry for lete reply i have trouble to leave comment saveral ago :(
    anyways love your blog :)



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