hello human, you're alive

Hey dudes. I really wish I posted more photos on this blog, but sometimes I'm just way too lazy and tired, and I just want to rant about my life to other teenz who get my pain.

Like today. I gave an impromptu class rep speech. It was a pretty big fail. I was super nervous. I said hello about three times, said that the student lounge (where me and my fellow 10th graders hang) needed to get a permanent air freshener, that there should be a gender switch day for spirit day, and that it would be cool to have a second microwave. Then I awkwardly was like, "yeah, um, thanks" and went and sat down.

And guess what. I WON!
Just kidding.

But it's okay. I wasn't expecting to win, and I didn't deserve to win either. There were kids who worked way harder on their speeches, and I wasn't even planning on running (I decided not to when I found out we had to make a video in addition to a speech). They didn't take my name off the ballad so everyone was like, "Eva, make a speech, just do it!" So guess what. I JUST DID IT. It turned out alright though. My friend Josh voted for me, and I voted for myself, and hopefully I got a few more votes on top of that. Maintaining the 'fuck you' mindset of Enid has helped me to overcome this cringeworthy experience. I must say, I can't fathom how on EARTH I will ever move on from this traumatic experience...

Here are some cool visual oddities to sooth your tortured soul.

Shoulda been an album cover for ze Beatles.

Roses are red. Violets give you luck. Now go shit your face cuz I don't give a fuck.

Can this please be mine?

inspiration for my art tumblr


i love i love i love

fuck yes

happiness <3


  1. eva!! this is so weird but my name is katie and i used to follow you on chictopia or lookbook and we used to comment on each other's pictures. i was katieandthewarriors or something... anyways idk if you remember me but omg when i got a twitter (@idontknope) it recommended you to me because you were in my address book (from emailing or something?)!!! i just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy your blog. it's really weird because we haven't been in contact for awhile but i see we both have really similar interests (feminism, rookie etc.). i feel like an old person recounting the past and looking at how much we've changed, but it's so true! so follow me on twitter so we can catch up, or not if you don't remember me.

  2. You... you badass wonderful girl. Your blog is SO to die for. These pictured are adorable. And I love your blog. I cannot even describe it. And you're a rookie and a feminist and society sucks and you like glitter? WHAT? YOU FREAKIN' RULE THE WORLD! Wow. We have the same interests. And if you even like Star Trek, this thing is getting weird because we would be twins or something. Anyways, we should be friends. Seriously.

    I love your blog and I am definitely following. YAY FROM GERMANY!



  3. my oh my ... ❤
    I totally adore your blog *__*
    I'm officially your new follower ^____^

  4. ahhhhhhh so awesome.

    love the second to last one :)


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