cat eye


Thats how I feel about the cat eye trend.
And for those of you who don't speak blabbering teenager, I'll translate: ohmyfriggengodmyworldisnowcompleteifeelwholeandatpeaceandfullofhappinessandjoyasiflutteraroundmyroombeingweirdandcoolallatthesametimeahhhhhhhhhh!!!

When I refer to the cat eye trend, of course I'm lovin' the eyeliner part (but I'm also quite upset this is becoming such a popular trend because I liked being original and different with my makeup rather than have it be the same as everyone but thats okay because I love the winged eyeliner so much that I'll gladly share it with the rest of the world (not that I own it, what?) so that others can experience the amazing feeling of BAJBDJ:FBGIUAJKBFA"SOIGOAB that my friends and I experience while wearing cat eye inspired eyeliner/glasses that is just oh-so-magical (like a unicorn or pegasus, but preferably a unicorn because I like unicorns more.) I'm also flipping out for and am extremely excited that CAT EYE GLASSES AND SUNGLASSES are back in style, because now I can find them easier! I love cat eye glasses so flippin much. I have my own pair that are light pink with little fake diamond (a.k.a plastic) crystals in the corners and are totally Grease-worthy and extremely spectacular.
Sorry for such a beautiful view of upmynose but I didn't like how my computer screen reflected in the frames so I hate to tilt my head back. Feel free to gape and appreciate the gorgeous fake diamond (plastic) crystals in the corners and the super soothing Virgin Suicides-esque pink color (light pink is one of the colors I reference to when I think about The Virgin Suicides.) I think I got these at a dollar store, and they've held up pretty well, other than the fact that one of the things that goes over your ear is slightly melted/burned because I stucked these (along with some other plastic glasses) in my lap for a while until I realized all my glasses were melting due to the power and heat produced by a fluorescent lightbulb (buy fluorescent light bulbs they last longer and are brighter and are better for the environment and they melt plastic wooh! And in science last year I had to do an experiment with light bulbs and me and my group decided to see how long it took for a light bulb to toast a marshmallow and the fluorescent bulb actually TOASTED THE MARSHMALLOW and I ATE IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS so you should seriously buy some in case you want to toast some marshmallows without the hassle of putting together a fire or going camping in order to achieve authenticity, and an alternative to the authenticity you may want while toasting a marshmallow is RIGHT HERE! Now you're set for a fake marshmallowing toasting wondering day with virtual company! Enjoy.)

Lots of other cool people from past and present generations also clearly love the cat-eye-glasses trend.

Marilyn Monroe

Kelly Osbourne and Dita Von Teese looking super cool via cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses via designers Prada and Jeremy Scott


The Ladies of The Cat Eye Brand being cool and totally grasping the 50s secretary vibe with polyester and red lipstick (and of course cat eye glasses)


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