why i love cats more than people. BOOKS RULE

At a time when all my attention should be put towards the Mandarin test I have tomorrow, I am distracted not only by my obsession to record all visually inspiring virtually pixelated commodities, but by "typical" teen girls struggles. Things one could classify under the overarching category of typical teen girl struggles and distractions would be: boys, Facebook, Modern Family, Why I Love Cats More than People, Feminism, college anxieties, collages, Tumblr, procrastination, Rookie (god darn), The Ardorous (god darn) and the internet. Why. Is. My. Life. So. Typical.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am not living life to its fullest potential. I could be reading more, being more productive with my Etsy business, taking more photographs, making short films I've planned to film for what seems like years. I think it's time. A new age has risen within me. I have evolved. I am no longer a simple teen girl, with simple teen girl priorities, i.e: sleeping, eating, going to the beach at night, dancing, and spending too long trying to figure out what to wear in the morning. I am now Super Teen Girl, avenger of all waisted time in life. I will now take photographs and develop my film. I will make my short movies and films and write stories and submit stuff to Rookie and try to become a contributer to The Ardorous. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED, SO WHY NOT START NOW?

**Also, costuming/prop-getting is going SPLENDIDLY for the school play. I'm lovin' it.

Maybe the world will finally understand.

Meadham Kirchhoff studio (i think)


  1. Oh my God you are practically taking things out of my brain! I had a minor panic attack recently with this whole 'I'm wasting my days away already and I'm only 16 and so many of the things I planned for this year I haven't done and it's almost Christmas already and where has time gone!' kind of thing. I mean even though I kind of hope yolo isn't true I do want to be productive and all. I don't like wishing people luck because I heard that 'luck doesn't do anyone any good' so I'll wish you lots of motivation and encouragement and learning experiences and successes <3

  2. Great pictures Eva! I love the collage!


  3. You are so cool. :) Seriosly, you have the awesomest agenda for Stuff You Want To Do.
    Also, you're great at the vibe pics!
    love it!


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