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OMG I just feel overwhelmed, fellows! I've been incredibly lazy lately, hence not really blog surfing or commenting, and yet I'm still getting comments from amazing gals and guys with amazing blogs! It honestly means the friggen world to me. I love blogging, and knowing people like and read my blog just makes me so gleeful! So thanks to all of you! Also, I always visit the blogs of those who comment, so if you leave your link or don't, no worries! I stalk you down and look at your shit no matter what the sich.

Anyway: since one of my friends is a major butt head, I have yet to gather the photos of mahself from Gay Pride. So those are yet to be seen. BUT. I changed up mah hair! I attempted to dread some, but then I didn't really like how they looked so I undid it, and then I tried dreading and putting beads in, but it looked weird, so THEN-here comes the genius-I braided beads INTO MY HAIR. It looks amazing and I feel earthy which is wonderful. Here is a bad picture I just took. That right there is my constipation face, so I hope you enjoy. I will take some better pictures later but I'm feeling tired and lazy.

Random: Painted a TON. I spent $40 on paint and canvas' the other day! I've painted two paintings already, and they are beautifullllll. I painted a third but I hate it, so I'm going to peel the paint off (it's uber thick) and save it for another piece, and then redo it. The canvas the crap painting is on is amazing though. It's really long and thin (hence rectangle) and it's just perfect. I will be posting photos soon! As I was painting them though, I hated the idea of throwing away all the plastic and the trash and polluting the earth further, so I just pressed all the trash into the glitter glue/glue/paint and it literally looks amazing.


  1. I absolutely love your blog and always love reading it whether ypou comment on mine or not. So keep up the good work. For some reason I can't the photo, but your hair sounds so rad!

  2. woo teenage laziness!
    I hope your summer has been great. I can't wait to see your pride parade pics, I be they're ~fantastic~

  3. LOVE your hair!Laziness ftw!We deserve it!

  4. Your hair is the coolest <3
    Go teenager laziness!

  5. WUT?! That is like the best idea EVAH! I somehow randomly missed this post but I'm glad I found it because CAN I DO THIS TOO? IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!

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