nina ricci rocks life

Was just busy wandering around vogue.com yesterday when I happened to glance at Nina Ricci's amazing Fall 2012 RTW collection. It's literally like, the best thing ever and it's so pretty and awesome and badass yet soft and it's just so many different types of awesome packed into one amazing collection! So many different silhouettes, lots of varying textures, and it all looked perfect!

I love those pants so much, oh my god. I want them soooo bad. Not to mention that awesome sweater.

OMG OMG OMG. That red dress rocks! And I love the knitted-ness of that sweater/skirt combo.

Awesome dress sleeves! Love the purple and pink, and the skirt rocks!

In love with that jumpsuit. And I love the cut of the other dress.

That coat looks so fuzzy and warm!!!!

I love that top and that skirt and those boots, it's too perfect. And again, desperately want those pants. 

Hope you all are enjoying life!


  1. Oh my god all of this is so so so amazing! I love all of it! My favourites are the black dress and the 2nd last one with the white top and skirt!


  2. i love love love that red dress too! and the black sheer dress beside the beautiful fuzz coat <3

    Check me out!

  3. Love Nina Ricci to death! Love this, so whimsical and magical! Love this blog like always <3

  4. OMG this is so amazing. I saved like a million of these pictures on my photo library after reading your post. I LOVE IT! Great views Grrrl ;)

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