riot grrrl vibes part 2

So, after like two months, I have finally gotten around to writing the second riot grrrl vibes post! I'm really excited, because I have so much amazing stuff to show you guys, whether it be art, photography, collages, or like, question answering type things, like the second photo which I love dearly and want to glue to my life! Due to my eternal laziness and lack of organizational skillz, I happened to lose like, every possible source for all these photos. I CAN tell you that the majority (meaning like, 98%) are from this awesome tumblr devoted to feminism and being FUCKING AMAZING, but I don't have the creators/genius beings behind this awesome shit you're about to stare at. So go check out the tumblr, because it's the part of yourself you've been searching for all your life.

On a different note, I literally just finished watching this Disney movie called Radio Rebel (I think that's what it's called... one sec, let me go and confirm this. YUP I'M RIGHT) and it's about this hella shy girl with zero confidence who secretly has this radio show where she inspires her fellow teenage citizens of Hoover High School to be themselves and be bold and all that awesome crap, but struggles with being as confident in her day to day life as she is when she is the fab Radio Rebel (duh.) And then all this other stuff happens, blah blah, and of course the classic Disney plot of protagonist=super in love with person they don't think they can EVER be with, but of course, they end up together and all that cheesy goodness (we need more crackers!) Anyway, MOVING ON. 

So watching this super awesome/inspiring Disney movie got me thinking, like, HEY! Maybe I should start a radio show/podcast, because it looks super fun and cool, and maybe along the way the guy I'm secretly in love with (*cough* Justin Bieber *cough*) will finally see how awesome I am and then he'll ask me to MORP! J-play, guyz. HA. HA. J-play...

Do any of you great humans who read my blog have any online platform recommendations for doing this? I found this one website called Spreaker (it was the first one I clicked on when I googled all this shit up) but I don't know if it's super awesome compared to some other websites. If any of you guys have advice or website recommendations that are free and easy to use and allow you to talk and play music and all that fun stuff, lemme know in ze comments! I've never heard of any Riot Grrrl radio shows/stations in my area, so I'm going to Be My Own Hero and make my own! I want to do it online because that way, if I actually find enjoyment in doing radio stuff and people actually end up listening, I will be able to become MORE FAMOUS by allowing the entire world to have access to my awesome soon-to-be radio show! DUH, because fame, you dingos, is EVERYTHING. Am I right? Yeah, I'm right. (sarcasm because I'm wrong!)

But seriously! It looks hella fun! And like, I have swag! And like... I love feminism! And like... I also love Riot Grrrl, the feminist music movement of the 90s! So like, hey! Maybe I should start my own feminist/Riot Grrrl-esque radio show! So yeah, I'm seriously thinking about doing this. I think it would be super fun, and if I became somewhat skilled at this trade (hence, speaking) maybe I'd meet some other Riot Grrrl nerds and we'd fall into friend crush love and I'd be able to bond with people who have similar interests as I! But seriously, I think it would be super cool to do this. Like, a feminist/Riot Grrrl music radio show?! Holy piss nugget! That would make my life! It would take some time to get used to hearing my voice on a recording, but I'm sure I'd get used to it! Would anybody else be completely in love with a Riot Grrrl/feminism themed radio show? Please EMAIL me if you have advice/ideas/the desire to flip a shit over email about how excited you are about this possibility, hence anything that is more discussion-esque than a simple comment that I will read and love.
glitter is like sex for virgins


Preach it.

I want this soooooo bad. Utter perfection and beauty.

I'm tryin'!


  1. YES YES YES. I totally 100% agree with ALL of this. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS, EVA!!! Riot Grrrl FOREVER!


  2. As usual, I love this post and I love you and why are you so fabulous Eva urgh can I be you.
    This was a wonderfully written post - although I have no clue what Riot Grrrl is, you've made it sound exceedingly interesting and now I really want to stay up all night googling the inspiration you used to create such a fantastic post. I love the pictures (as usual), and your "Tavi Gevinson 2.0 " aesthetic. Love love love lovin' it. Anywaaay, there's a new post up on my blog and I'd love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!
    xoxo, Veena

    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

  3. This post is basically my whole life. Absolutely love all of it!

  4. I love all of these pictures! especially the first one. glitter + riot grrrl= true love.
    the radio station is an absolutely amaaazing idea. There is a local radio program on every Saturday night and I love the punk and reggae music it plays, but I hate the fact that nearly every song is MEN MEN MEN. so a radio station available that not only ACTUALLY PLAYS MUSIC BY FEMALE ARTISTS but also talks about feminism and plays riot grrrl, would make my life.

  5. I'm not a riot grrrl(technically speaking) because I actually hate pretty much most girls because they're mean, but I am glad that SOMEONE supports it, because I like a powerful woman. ALSO I posted a picture of the thing that you requested SO GO LOOK AT IT.

  6. I believe in riot grrrl!awesome post.
    I'm new in here, but nevermind, I've been reading you for a long time.

  7. Oh, thank you so much for visiting me!Hopefully, I will write more, and more posts, now, when it's Summer and I have time.I just adore your style and stuff.And, forgot to say, but that riot grrrl shirt-thing is just awesome!

    I adore you, your style, and your views


  9. Yessss to the radio show! That'd be so cool if you could find a way to stream one online! Love all the pictures, especially the photocopied zine ones :)

  10. This is one of the best posts I have ever seen. I am serious. I feel so GIRL POWERish!!!!! Everyone of these pictures is so awesome.Please please please start a radio show thingy. I would always listen to it:) You are truly a skilled person.

  11. My first real post is written!If you are interested or bored, check it out!
    Yours truly, L.

  12. I have new post here, so if you are bored or either interested, check it out!
    xo, L.


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