take me to paradise

Here is a collection of paradise inspiring photos for summertime. I, being a city dweller year round, meaning no vacations whatsoever, have made it my duty to discover a paradise within my city, full of retro/vintage/grunge vibes, and maybe even little bits of Disneyland-ness here or there. If only good ol' Walt wasn't a misogynist/anti-semitic dick face, Disneyland might be a lil' more enjoyable. But I am willing to ignore the horrid side of Walt, and focus on the awesome side of Walt, which is the side that created DISNEYLAND! Walt should totally be added to the It's Complicated zine. Also, I think my perfect paradise for the summer would be a nice vintage/old fashioned/retro diner, with red leather booths and milk shakes and black/white tiled floors and cheap food I can afford and cool wall d├ęcor and vintage photos all over the walls!
Look at the pretty colors and the 1950's vibes and the awesome font and the fish scale background OMG it's too perfect! (source unknown)

Hella unknown sources, but bottom right is Neil Krug.

More unknown sources. Thanks, google.

More unknown sources.

unknown, unknown

Look at the awesome clothing!! Unknowns.

Unknown sources

via Grease, ze movie!

AHHHHHHHHDGKLHSAUIEHG:LKA. I'm so unbelievably in love with this photo you have no idea OMG. Ugh, look at the 70s colors that have appeared to be kissed by the sun! The beautiful Burger King sign that is rocking life to the max, the striped walls that remind me of that striped gum that tastes amazing, and the awesome yellow taxi with the dent! So seventies and so many Reese's Pieces vibes! (unknown)



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