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Hi you guys! So I write for this amazing magazine called Atelier Indigo, and it's an online magazine with writers and models from all over the fashion blogger hemisphere. We just launched our first issue, so please check it out HERE. It's a pretty dang cool magazine, and I'm the cover model. I also wrote an article, which looking back, kind of sucks. But the magazine is still amazing and full of creative genius! The theme for June's issue was dreams/fairy tales, so here is a surreal/dreamy inspiration post, which basically just consists of Tim Walker photos and short films.

random photos by Tim Walker

Here are some screenshots I took of my favorite moments from the video.

Oh my god. I could seriously just watch this again and again. It's so perfect and amazing and emotion inducing and the old man is so lovable and the girl is just like amazing and it's all so beautiful and the aesthetics are amazing and HOLY CRAP. I need this. I want to see the full length version so bad! I'm going to make a t-shirt that says The Lost Explorer in honor of the best short film trailer I've ever seen, and in honor of the best movie that I'll ever see once I see it. I am The Lost Explorer.


  1. PASTEL CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD I LOVE THIS! All the pictures are different and creative! So mystical and enchanting!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment & following! You can get fake flowers at a dollar store pretty cheap, and craft stores like michael's, but I guess that they're more expensive there.

  2. I love all of these photos! The balloons all over that mansion looks awesome. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! xo


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