green eyebrows and vibes

So today I did many a fun thing, but I'll discuss those things later in life (tomorrow) because I want to direct all my focus towards something AMAZING.

I decided to stalk some delicious designers and clothing via style.com about 5 minutes. I thought I'd look at the Marc Jacobs collection, but then I saw MEADHAM AND KIRCHHOFF and I was like OOH EVEN BETTER (no offense, Marc. You're still ZE MAN to me.) So as I'm looking at these amazing clothes I'm actually DYING INSIDE. I was getting so many vibes from their previous collection, along with Rayanne Graff vibes and Creatures of the Wind vibes and my vibe meter was just exploding and dancing with the skill and precision only attainable by the one and only Sam Shakusky.
Soooooooo pretty. Princess Chelsea is rad. 

Vibes via Meadham and Kirchhoff's Spring 2012 RTW collection.

Vibes via Creatures of the Wind! With all the collars and the plaids and the crazy layering how could you not reference COTW?

Her jacket has an actual MONSTER ON IT (Where the Wild Things Are vibe connection.) And they have all these super cute patches all over their denim attire! Not to mention their hair is quite similar to that of George Washington.

More denim and patches and amazingness! And all these WIGS. I want a wig!

Alien vibes. I love that intense peter pan collar and the semi-see through part of the dress with the colorful tiers and awesome drapery. I like her red face and her bow as well, she reminds me a ton of Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss vibes! Look at that thing coming out of her head! And her beautiful red skin, I love it!

I took this photo the other day because I covered my eyebrows in green glitter goop and I just looked SUPER COOL (I made that crown [it happens to have googley eyes on it because I have crown swag] and I'll be selling it on my etsy account asap! It will soon be filled to the brim with awesome crowns and cool creations created by me as I create them at rapid speed while being creative!) (woah props to me for using so many variations of the word CREATE.) If I ever get to go to fashion week (hint, hint...) I'm definitely going to wear green glitter on my eyebrows, because I actually think it looks really pretty! Especially with my wobbly looking lipstick and my pink rose earrings that are super vintage looking and semi broken. 


  1. I need that monster jacket!!!! Meadham kirchoff is so cool their clothes make me feel happy! Excellent glitter, it looks really cool. My cousins once put lipstick on my eyebrows, but I'm not sure thats the same effect:) I will definitely check out you etsy.
    Oh I am following:) :) :)

  2. I love MK! Their designs are so amazing! YOur green glitter eyebrows are so cool and pretty! I love your new crown, by the way, super cute with the googly eyes! I was thinking of getting an etsy, but it may be slightly problematic since I live in canada. :( I love the whole post, it's really pretty!


  3. Yeah, that's pretty much the best collection ever. I agree! The green eyebrows look really amazing.

  4. That collection is AMAZING and completely crazy!! Love it!! And the green eyebrows look just fantastic! You'd think it would look ridiculous but weirdly it works =D

  5. Best collection EVER. Your eyebrows are amazing too, i'd love to try glittery eyebrows! Just followed your blog :D

  6. ARGHHH It was me who wasn't following you I think!! My follower thing never lets me see who's followed properly so I think it was me at fault. You are amazing, this post is beautiful. Lovely eyebrows!

  7. That collection is just... WOW. Seriously. I've got no other words but WOW.
    The green eyebrows are just too cool! hahaha I love the glitter too :)
    Great Post!



  8. fudge yes. this collection is magical just like your eyebrows. if you lived in LA, i'd totally ask you to model for my brand Miracle Eye! I MEAN, LOOK AT THOSE EYEBROWS. SO GOOD.

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