let me be strange

I had this huge phase in the beginning of my freshman year/this year where I was just this utterly and completely strange/awkward mishmosh of shit. But this shit that I was was enjoyable! I was an enjoyable collection of shit. I'd wear weird things to school, and do wear things with my hair, and say weird things, and do weird things, and act weird. And I wasn't trying to be weird. I was just like, naturally capable of being super weird. Which is funny, because I'm actually quite capable of being quite normal. I think I'd rather be super strange than super average though. It's like, I want to fit in, but I don't want to fit in by fitting in, I want to fit in by being different and special and being who I am, and people respecting that and liking me for that reason.

boots via Dirty Laundry, French Connection skirt, thrifted lace top, DIY red top, buckle belt necklace, DIY duct tape headband.

painting done by my grandma (RIP) and some cool Carrie picture that is awesome.

My aunts/uncle/cousins made me/my family some Ukrainian dyed eggs a few Hanukkahs ago. They're super amazing, and I have my own kit now. It's really fun. The brown football is my brothers, the yellow/red one is mine, the weird one is one I made like, 3 years ago, and the snowflake is my moms. My dad's egg broke, but it had music notes on it.

More awesome eggs that I/my dad/my brother have made. My brothers is the grey/purple-ish one in the front. My dad is the scribble-y one, and then the other two are mine. The eggs are hollow because we pumped out all the yoke and egg-y stuff.

My grandma gave me that black sheep! I love it.


    You look amazing, I love the outfit so much.


  2. It's perfectly okay to be weird. And my friends pretty much describe me the same way. But they call me "a huge ball of spaztic shit". I love your blog, and I love this entry. It's like a huge mish-mash of thoughts that form one whole idea. Yay! A new follower for you! :)

    Btw, I love your lace top.

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