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MAGAZINES SUCK. Like, seriously? I hate Seventeen magazine. It's seriously such a piece of crap vomit that it's not even worthy of being ITALICIZED. In fact, my new favorite hobby is spitting on it and chewing up the pages and then letting my stomach acid digest them further before I barf them up because they're too disgusting to actually digest so then I stomp them into the dirt and poop on them, because unlike Seventeen, I care about important stuff! Like the environment, and good, organic fertilizer! Seventeen is seriously the worst piece of butt hole ever. Can I just smack the magazine in the face and injure it? Really, I can?!?!?! Okay. *Punches magazine super hard and makes it BLEED because all humans have the capability of punching the same and I can punch like a man and a man can punch like me because we both punch HARD.*

I'm in desperate need of some cool feminist zines and magazines that are awesome. I'm already a huge fan of Rookie, but I want something tangible! Something I can sniff and hold and cradle like a baby in times of need! Something I can tack to my wall or put in my "Special Items and Tangible Objects I Deeply Care for and Cherish with all my Heart" box. Something that inspires me to be brave and be a feminist and appreciate and love who I am and brush away a few insecurities here or there!

Does anybody have a free or inexpensive zine they sell or giveaway for free? Or any awesome magazine recommendations that are about women EMPOWERMENT rather than attempting to conform women and girls to be stupid societal shit? And I also would really like some cool fashion magazine recommendations that don't suck. I've heard of Shameless magazine, which seems kind of cool, but it also seems a bit more adult, and I'm not sure my level of maturity would be equal to that of the maturity level of Shameless magazine. I've been trying to get some Sassy's off ebay but they're just so dang expensive! And I'm so dang broke! So yeah, any recommendations or generous people* out there are much appreciated and welcome to share their wisdom of awesome magazines or zines about feminism! Cool fashion/artsy magazine recommendations that don't suck are also welcome because I love art and fashion magazines that are about the ART and the FASHION and AESTHETICS rather than stupid stuff that sucks.

If anybody wants to do a swap of some sort, I'm open to that too! I've been trying to make a zine but it's coming along slowly, so I'd have to send you other cool stuff.

Also, I recently got some vintage National Geographic magazines that are BEAUTIFUL. One is from the 1930s, and the other is from the 1950s, and I'm going to post pictures ASAP. They are seriously the most beautiful things in the world! I want to kiss them and hold them and lick them and devour their pages with my mind!

*generous people, hence people that give cool gals (like me) free stuff because they're just so GENEROUS *wink wink.* (I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! [being subtle])

Also, I will be continuing my riot grrrl posts/riot grrrl inspiration/inspirational photos posts asap! Part 2 is on the way! 

Look at this awesome feminist collage I found here! I think it's so awesome and pretty! Laurie Simmons rocks life!


  1. I'm making a zine too! It called the Yarn Bombers Society. I am always wanting cool magazines as well. Maybe we could do a swap, I read this cool australian magazine called Frankie that you might like. Also, I tagged you for a game thingy so if you want to do it have a look at my blog.

  2. Do you live in the uk or us? We could zine swap!! xx

  3. I have a zine called PUN-K (it's in the side bar of my blog if you want to find out more) and it is about alternative fashion and is about 20 colour pages, including some pictures I shot for it. If you like in the UK I can swap for something, or it's £5 (including postage) but if you're US then it's £10 because postage is ridiculous.
    Also the best magazine on the whole planet is Pigeons&Peacocks, which I think you can buy online. 90s i-Ds are also good, and so is Bon. And the latest isue of LOVE is amazing.

  4. According to my own statement, they may be a lot of commons shared simply by those who like using fashion glasses for example extraverted, lively in addition to passionate temple.


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