and then it starts to feel like summer

Summer is officially here! I feel so free and excited! My life is now full of endless possibilities for exploration and adventure and aesthetic pleasures without the stresses of high school looming over my head like a curse. Since yesterday was my FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SUMMER, I really tried to indulge myself in the eccentricities of the hiatus. I ate some pasta, made videos of myself singing, blog surfed, went to Safeway, ate some pizza bagels, drank some coconut milk and some coconut water, went to my friend's house for 2 hours, read poetry, listened to Call Me Maybe, vimeo-surfed, and then I listened to some AMAZING TUNES via 8tracks. It was quite the venture.

Other than that though, I've been staring at my room analyzing the colors and trinket assortments. I really don't like it. Like, I really don't like ANY OF IT. It basically describes my 13 year-old self, who was a person I am now quite unfamiliar with. My room is just disgusting. It's barf-y and not expressive of my current self, and it's quite the frustration! I'm going to do a room makeover this summer. Get rid of the explosive color vomit, neaten up my trinkets, change my bed spread perhaps, get some lace curtains, decorate the walls, and organize my clutter into an appealing setup. (AND TODAY WAS MY BROTHER'S GRADUATION! He is officially a college student! I'm so proud of him! I gave him an OMG! You Graduated! balloon and I think he thoroughly enjoyed it. He went to a catholic high school, because all Jews go to catholic high schools, der, and I guess it's like a catholic high school tradition to smoke cigars after you throw your hats into the air and all that crud, and he let me try his cigar. It was kind of cool. I felt quite... Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe classy. Just all those vibes of awesome old hollywood stars smoking cigarettes and shizz in movies and sterf. I also had some Mad Men vibes going too. Just a great vibe-ular afternoon.)

Some cool tunes full of great vibes. Enjoy.


  1. i am totally freaked out because the other week I recorded myself lip singing alongto call me maybe, and planned to put it on my blog. WE ARE SOOO SIMILAR OMG


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