not dead, a.k.a, alive! witches

Halloo!! This post is very to the point and boring and informative.

I have been very MIA lately, because summer has gotten to me and I suddenly just became very social and awesome! So I have been neglecting my blog. But photos will be coming soon! And more cool posts! And just lots of awesome stuff! So for those who have been visiting, thanks so much it means a lot that you'd take time outta yo day to read my beastly blog!

Hope you are all enjoying summer! And for those of you who don't have summer right now... SUCK IT HAHAHA (jk, I'm actually sending happy vibes to you because i want ter help and sterf.)

So yeah! Quick life like update: I went to my cities Gay Pride festival thing today and it was very fun! I put paint on my face and drew a sun on my stomach and I looked really cool and tribal. I danced a ton and got free stuff and made new friends and a really awesome dude with bleach blonde hair and a pink shirt and just awesome vibes floating around his aura complimented my bowling shoes! He was like "I love your shoes!" and I was all like "Thanks!" Too bad I got blisters. OH VELL. I left early though because I got tired and it took me 2 hours to get home because buses are slow and I walk slow and my feet were hurting and I accidentally got off 3 stops early so it took me really long to walk home. But then I ate a BLT in my room and then I drank some lemonade and watched some TV and then I pooped and then I ate some more and talked to mah fokes and texted my friends and yeah! Life is so average, wuddup! Then these two guys who are a grade older than me at school randomly chatted with me on facebook. It was kinda weird. I admitted to one guy that I was a witch and had psychic powers, and he said he was too! It was crazy. To prove I'm psychic, I will predict your future: I predict that you will now comment on this post and follow my blog and email me about life!

Jamz for summer.


  1. I love how entrataining your posts are! They always out a smile on my face :)
    Honestly, I think your blog is so unique and special and I look forward to more posts!

    ps- I have a new post up on my new hair. Hope you have the time to take a quick look! http://www.fashionfreshman.com/

  2. I have to admit... I was one of those readers who lurks and reads but never commented! =P But, hey, here I am, commenting on your lovely blog post! I absolutely love your writing style and humor Eva! <3 I've been neglecting my blog too... this summer I hope to be able to most more frequently and really put a lot more effort into my blog! :) The Gay Pride Festival sounds awesome! :) I think I saw you uploaded your pics to Facebook, right? I was wondering where you went! Your bowling shoes sound fab... :D I wish I was like you, I'm way too afraid to talk to the guys I don't know at my school (though I'm friends with them on Facebook. The power of Facebook!). There is this really cute guy which I'm too afraid to add on FB :o Well, that's going on my summer bucket list, haha!

    Can't wait to see your next post! =) Love the song choice!


  3. great song! love ur blog
    lets follow each other?
    im ur new follower on gfc . hope u follow me back via gfc and like my facebook page also :)

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