bangs be bangin' and dreads ain't dreadful, hence, v-v-v-vunderful

Kind of want bangs. I used to have them and I hated them. Not gonna lie, they made me feel ugly. It kind of pisses me off that a HAIRCUT was able to make me so insecure, but I dunno! I suppose back then they just didn't make me feel like me. But who knows! Maybe I've.... matured? Is that possible? Maturing? As a teenager? Can that like, actually happen?

Anyway, I attempted to gather some friggen awesome photos of fab ladies with fab bangs, but I got very lazy, so the photo collection is minimal. Hairstyle thoughts? I was thinking bangs, dreads maybe, but dreads are really hard to take care of! And I'm ashamed to admit this, but one of my friends was like "ew dreads are fucking nasty and boys think they're ugly." And now I don't know if I want them! Why am I such a butt face! Caring if other people think I'm pretty, but I do when it comes to cute boys who I drool over in my sleep and who I secretly stalk on facebook like, everyday of my LIFE. Wah! As ashamed as I am, I know I am not alone! And I'm proud that I'm not afraid to admit I am insecure! And I am still a feminist, because being a feminist is accepting your "flaws" and being a bad ass about it and lots of other great stuff that inspires me to be AMAZING. (Also unsure about getting dreads because if I ever wanted to go back to natural hair, I'd have to shave my head or get a super short cut, and I love being able to style my hair! And I don't really want short hair right now. Thoughts gals and guys?)

Anyway, so right now I'm actually getting some awesome pictures of dread styles that I love and would want if I were to get dreads. And bang styles! Give me advice though people! Coloring ideas? Purple, red, pink, dark brown? HAIR IDEAS MANIA PLEASE. Also, what is your definition of a feminist/feminism?

PRETTY DREADLOCKS OMG. This gal is fucking awesome. Love her dreads. 
Dreads like these! How to obtain such dreads? The world may never know.

So pretty. Celia Hammond lookin' like a beast with her pretty lipstick and perfect bangs.

It's Francoise Dorleac with awesome bangs and 60s vibes all around! Vibes vibes vibes!

Don't forget to answer ze questions because I really enjoy stimulating conversations via ze comments.


  1. I think blue is a great colour, and if I didn't not have a favourite colour blue might just be it (actually then I think about all the wonderful colours and eat my words back). Just because it's a colour that's really hard to get wrong. It pretty much always looks stupendous.
    If you want to know my opinion on feminism, my blog was pretty much a haven for feminism last week (I did a series on different topics regarding females & rights).
    Also that picture of those dreads looks soooo groovy! Love it.


  2. omg hi you got dreads and they look super bitchin :D
    On feminism:
    to some extent I think everyone is a little bit of a feminist. A feminist is really just someone who supports the radical notion that women are people too and we need to strive for gender equality. It may seem like women have already gotten their rights but yet in the united states we can't pass a god damn gender equality amendment and women are still getting raped because they were "asking for it in that outfit"

  3. Love the dreads! and its normal to be like that, I think about my looks in other's perspective all the time:p

    Great blog
    Shubhi's Revels!

  4. I've been contemplating bangs for a while, and Celia Hammond's look wicked. And in regards to dreads, they're definitely hard to take care of and if you get sick of them you'll have to cut 'em off, but then you get to rock a pixie cut I guess. Some of my guy friends actually really like them on girls. The guys (and girls) worth knowing won't care if you have dreads!


  5. YES. I want dreads so bad because they are all earthy and amazonian and BITCHEN but I'm not allowed until I'm "older" which doesn't make sense because every second I am older than the second before and ramble ramble ramble.

    Also, you can have bangs AND dreads (WHAT? MIND BLOWN) like these lovely ladies:


    I think that looks really pretty!

    And lastly, be a BEAST like this lady with blue dreads:




  6. I really want dreads too!! But the school/parents wouldn't let me. And I would also be scared to shave it off if I didn't want them anymore:0
    Sometimes I want to change my hair but I'm scared I'd regret it.
    I want rainbow dreads:)

  7. I think you will look amazing with dreads or bangs or bangs and dreads.
    or purple hair or blue hair or green hair with pink streaks.
    the blue dreads from Gwen's comment are pretty awesome. I like the idea of pastel dreads.

    I am going to dye my hair pink at the summer holidays (semi permanently, at home but still) and I am happy.
    I like discussing hair, this dead stuff that grows on top if you head. woop.

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