blonde ambition

A collection of pretty pictures to fuel you. I've been getting really obsessed with muted colors and 60s/70s photography vibes lately. These are some of my favorite photos I've come across recently via tumblr. I am/was tempted to organize these nicely but I'm too lazy and each picture deserves to be on its own rather than conjoined with another. 

Unfortunately I've lost practically all the sources since tumblr is wack, so please let me know if any belong to you or if you know of the artist/creator man/woman. Just send me an email or comment below so I can credit the rightful person!


  1. I've been really into muted colours recently too! Mostly spurred on by the fact that when I went abroad to Malta all the shop signs there were beautifully washed out and muted. Shop signs should be like that all over the world they were amazing! Great post!


  2. The second last picture is completely perfect. I don't know why. It just is.

  3. I've never gave muted colors much attention, but wow!! These pictures are amazing :) My favorites are the one with the car and the flowers, and the second to last one. There is just something so intresting about it that made me stare at it for a little while longer.
    Lovely post Eva!


  4. Amazing photos!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Alon, I have never gave much attention to muted colours but you have given me great inspiration.... Thankyou!!!!

  5. This is all really cute, the last photo with the Trip heart is done by enid--coleslaw.tumblr.com who makes the brooches <3


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