a very potter musical

YO YO WUSSUP DAWGS. For the past few nights, I've been spending quite the few hours adapting A Very Potter Musical. It's been a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but also extremely fun, rewarding, and satisfying. I've been struggling though when it comes to cutting/editing the longer scenes, due to the fact that I have to basically watch the musical, then rewatch whatever part I just watched, then type some of the lines, then rewatch the part again, figure out what I want to keep and what needs to get cut, and then type some more, and repeat. It takes me about two hours to transcribe three-ish scenes, and as of now I have transcribed five. I have a long way to go because as I recall there are about twenty scenes all together. THIS MUST SOUND REALLY AGONIZINGLY TEDIOUS AND STRENUOUS AND BORDERLINE SUCKISH. IT IS BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. I JUST WANTED TO CLARIFY.

I'm usually pretty lazy , but I'm really proud of myself because I'm actually DOING SOMETHING and it's taking a lot of effort and hard work and I'm really having to crank out them brain muscles. The whole reason I'm doing this though, is because I'm hoping that once I finish adapting the script, my school will agree to perform it for the Spring Musical. I think it would be sooooo fun! I wish I could act but I literally CANNOT ACT. Like, I just cannot act. Like, I can't. Like, it just isn't gonna happen. Like, I try, but it doesn't work. I'm just bad. Like, really bad. Like, bad to the bone. Like, I want to be good and I think acting seems super fun but I just can't do it. Like, I just can't. Like, my stage fright is just too extreme, and like, I just get too nervous, and like, I just can't. Like, you know what I'm saying?

Also, for those of you asking me "DUDE  YOU STUPID GIRL JUST DOWNLOAD A SCRIPT ONLINE."
Well, EXCUSE ME. But due to copyright issues or whatever, there are no scripts available online, so for those of us who are very passionate about HP and stuff, we have to do this the old fashioned way: Get what you can online and whatever you can't find, transcribe on your own. JPLAY I'm really transcribing, like, all of it on my own.

I'm excited though! Like, OMG I'M JUST SO EXCITED FOR LIFE. I'm pumped for the Fall play at my school, because I'm going to volunteer as Costume Person. It's a really abstract title, I know, but Costume Person basically just goes and gets/finds/buys/makes all the costumes for the play. I know what you're thinking, like, WTF, why on Earth would the person who gets costumes for a play, be called "Costume Person." I agree. It's seriously retarded and reflects poorly on the people I surround myself with. Shun me. I deserve it.


  1. I WANT TO BE A PART IN THIS AVPM MUSICAL ADAPTATION! *hehe obsession... hehe*

    Also, I am costume person at my school! It is tons of fun!

    Loving the blog, as usual!


  2. My sister is an actress and she told me about a sight where you can get any script out there for free! Whether it is a movie, tv show, musical, play, or a commercial, the site has it! I will ask her what the name of it is so you don't have to go through that long process!



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