easter bird

I can honestly say I almost died when I saw this collection on vogue.com.... Christian Dior basically included everything from easter-y cupcakes, to some crazy combination of butterflies to birds to peacocks to mermaids, and then some crazy twist on wedding dresses from outer space! This was all in his fall couture 2011 collection and I loved it to death! I even felt like I was brought back to my own mental comfort zone when I saw some looks that reminded me ofAlice in Wonderland. Not only that, but I was relatively pleased to see these crazy geometric hats that were popping out of a modern bee-hive hair style.

Here are the wedding dresses from outer space. The first outfit screams ALICE IN WONDERLAND whenever I look at it.

These would definitely be what I call the easter-y cupcakes.

I'm not really sure how to classify these, but these definitely remind me of caramel and soft pillows.

I'd call these the *butterfly mermaid peacock bird" inspired designs.

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