Grunge Grunge

The grunge look is back, which makes me feel even more psychic and confused because I've been watching My So Called Life pretty much like, all the time since I discovered it.

Depending on whether or not you are AVERAGE or FABULOUS, it could either seem AVERAGE or FABULOUS, but to me, it's FABULOUS, clearly meaning I myself am FABULOUS. It literally describes what every average (maybe I'm not so fabulous...) teenage girl/sometimes guy is experiencing in their hormonal and depressing life, which is why I love it so much because it is literally so real and relatable (that
sounds like a fake word) so it just like, pulls out your thoughts and puts them into a TV show. And not to mention JARED LETO is the most ATTRACTIVE MAN ON THE PLANET (except when he gets this awful long hair in the show... Jared, no. Just no.)

(to said designer of the above, I do not know your name, so I'm sorry I'm not crediting your awesome designs under your name)

Moving on: the show was filmed in the 90's which is basically the decade that like, created grunge fashion, which is why I feel all psychic because before I even REALIZED that the grunge look was back (in societies point of view), I'd been watching this show from the 90's that was full of grunge styles (and Jared Leto, of course).

Here is one skilled and hot collage I made of pictures from My So Called Life (you should watch it ASAP)

Also, lately I've been reading endless pages from sixbillionsecrets.com, and randomly, I just started to screenshot ones that I could relate to, and others than just stood out to me like, BAM. And I've decided to print out all the secrets I saved and make a little journal of them and glue them inside. Maybe I'll post pictures of it soon.

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  1. I LOVE My So Called Life! I own the show on DVD. :D I remember when I was younger trying to get my hair to look just like claire Danes lol. I love her hair on the show.


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