School has begun. It's sort of a weird transition and summer feels like a world lived in a past life and I just can't get my mind wrapped around the constant due dates and dilemmas and decisions to be made. My favorite classes are English and Chemistry, and I'm happy that I finally love science class because it's a subject I'm so interested in but a class I've never enjoyed. It's funny how whenever I have the time to be creative, I hardly am, and when I have no time to be creative I wish I had the time to be, but when I finally get the time I waste it doing other teenagery things. This Friday my friend and I are going rock climbing (at an indoor gym, we aren't actually that cool), and I am beyond excited. I downloaded a rock climbing app on my phone, so I can virtually prep for the real life adventure I will soon take part on.

My room is also finally decorated and perfect and has become a nice sanctuary for my inhabitance. I will post pictures when I find the time.

Here is some art I love with all my art. I've been really interested in minimal and simple line work lately.

my favorite Gustav Klimt piece


Sad Shower in New York, 1995

my favorite Picasso piece. His line sketches are some of my favorites and I'll make a post dedicated to them soon.

unknown but I die for this piece

A RISD student --- ugh I love so much. I wish I could see like this.


  1. I love Tracey Emin too! I'm looking at similar illustration-type artwork in school for my current project ^_^

  2. these are so beautiful... I so so so wish I could draw. rock climbing is awesome - I used to do it twice a week when I was 12/13 (and was still shit) but I so miss it....



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