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These are photos I find really beautiful.

Beauty is such a weird, subjective thing. It's actually completely fabricated - it's not even real. The reality of beauty is one we create ourselves. We have the ability to submit to how society defines it, or we can establish our own definition of beauty.

Doing that latter can be so difficult though. It's interesting to study what is and is not considered beautiful. Why is this prettier? Why is this uglier? Where has this standard come from?

Beauty, in actuality, is an inbred stigma. In times of African slavery in America, light skinned slaves were allowed in the house because they were believed to be more intelligent, more relatable, and ultimately more white. There are stigmas attached to beauty, or were stigmas attached to beauty/what was considered to be beautiful. It's sick, but it influences where we as teens are now. Where we as humanity are now. Stigmas define beauty, and beauty projects these stigmas. It's interesting that now, those who are beautiful are often considered less intelligent. Where do these stigmas come from? Why do we equate so much to physical beauty? Why can't beauty be the weird and the ugly?

These photos below are ones I love. I don't feel like explaining why.

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