i live i don't exist

"aiding others is the key to life, the key to happiness" -James Franco

This quote once said from the lips of my all time favorite man pretty much sums up my outlook on life. I know that whatever I do when I'm older, I'm going to want to help people all over the world. I think there are a lot of ways one can help people. I think bringing happiness to people in some way is the richest, greatest form of help, because it helps them on until tomorrow comes around. 

I feel like life is such a complicated thing. There is such a difference between living and existing, and I feel like nowadays more people exist than live, which is sad. I think it's in part because people don't really know how to live anymore. I think the entire concept of living has gotten lost through endless commercials and billboards and all this crap we see everyday that twists simple concepts into tangled equations we can't solve. I feel like the message we young folks hear and believe to be true a lot of the time is that money=happiness. I think that's total bull. I think money is a tool, but when it comes to the Top 10 List of Things One Needs to Live, money is probably number 8,654, as in extremely unimportant. But these days money seems to be everything. In most places, you need money to get a good education, which is sad and stupid. Everyone has the write to a good education. 

I think in order to live you have to feel free and do things that make you happy. I think life is about exploring and going on adventures and helping people and creating and writing and learning and educating. I think the entirety of humanity is connected, and I think interaction and community are like, the fundamentals to life. Like, we all exist, and we exist to take care of each other and to create and learn and be happy. I hate how people are always telling me "life isn't fair," because it's like they using that as an excuse to justify why life can really suck. I'm aware life can suck, but that doesn't mean it should, and rather than just deciding "life isn't fair. that's too bad for people who have shit lives," why don't you get off your stupid high horse and try to make it better for them. Life clearly isn't fair, but it should be.


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