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I love Ryan McGinley. He is one of my favorite photographers. His work is weird yet beautiful, awkward yet surreal, and sort of grotesque in this magical, pretty way that I love. I recently visited his Yearbook exhibition at a local art gallery in my area. It was amazing. I ended up going back. Seeing such a diverse group of bodies, genders, ethnicity's, and stories put together like that was so inspiring and empowering. Here are some photographs from his most recent series, Body Loud. I love all of them, and my attempt at selecting my favorites completely failed because I basically selected all of them.
This photo of artist Petra Collins is my absolute favorite. The colors and composition are so beautiful and abstract, and her eyes look so blue even though you can hardly see them. I also love the way her hair blends into the reflection of the tree. It's mesmerizing.
 I love the lights and shadows. A very gentle photograph.
Beautiful colors. It evokes an odd story, both unexpected and liberating. 

The figures remind me of a Renaissance painting. It's very still despite the movement. Beautiful colors too.

 So hurried. It really has a voice. Like two lovers running towards each other, while also running away from something else. I love the colors, how everything blends together in a similar hue. It really unifies man and nature beautifully.
 Amazing contrasts.
I love the darkness and the soft skin. 

 Just odd. I see movement in the paint (wax?) on the feet.
 So incredible! Reminds me of this scene from a movie, but I can't think of the name. So beautiful and mysterious. I love the contrasts, the greens, yellows, and browns. So, so vivid. It really grips you.

Love the perspective, and how wide the hips look relative to the rest of her body. Her hair glows, and I love that you can't see her face. Great contrasts in color, shadow, light, and texture. 

Hot yet cold. The bodies look warm, the water looks freezing.

I love his tattoos. I also love his stance, and the primary colors in the background. Reminds me of Wes Anderson. I love how he was caught in a moment. It's very lively. 

So beautiful! I want to say that a thousand times. So beautiful! I love everything. I love the light on the bodies, the moss hanging from the trees along with the models. The swinging legs and loose body of one figure, while the other seems tense and far more still. The colors are so beautiful. I love the light foreground and the dark background. I love the sky poking through, adding a beautiful amount of blue. Very dusky, and sneak-out-at-night summertime vibes. 

 Creepy and beautiful and scary and amazing! I love the thin lines of light on her body. I love how the sticks in the water are of similar hue to her skin tone. I love her eyes, and her reflection too. So beautiful. Very Children of the Corn to me for some reason.
 Amazing how the body just falls into the tree. It gives the photograph a lot of dimension. Almost as though the foreground is simply a curtain the model is running behind. It seems cold, and the blue coming through the sky is perfect.
So cute. I love the contrast of the raccoon against the tattoo.

Dreamy, surreal. I feel like the horse is supposed to be a unicorn? Almost like a princess who is lost and searching for a way to somewhere. Her gaze is perfect.


  1. these photos are stunning I love your captions too

  2. Absolutely lovely, thank you for sharing! Your captions describe them perfectly x

  3. thanks for sharing, they're incredible photos. i was introduced to ryan mcginley a while ago via your blog, actually. i think when you went to that exhibition? anyway i googled him and i've been hooked ever since. he's amazing.

  4. Oh man, I adore Ryan McGinley's photographs. His work is so diverse and this series is just so beautiful. Each photograph is unique! Also Petra is my favourite!


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