look at me

here i am front and center.

i like the world. it's a great place. it sucks that stupid corporations are fucking everything up. people are so greedy and money driven that they forget about the place they come from, and i don't mean nasty, polluted cities, i mean actual dirt and trees and particles. nobody seems to care anymore about preserving wildlife. doesn't it scare anyone that we're the only species actually destroying the world and every living thing around us? half the time we inflict disease on ourselves from all the chemicals we introduce to the world. and we make animals suffer because we need our technology and plastic products and shampoo that tests on animals. and then you go to school and realize hardly anyone cares about any of it.

i'm so happy my friends and i care. we go to the beach almost every week to watch the sunset, and we hike through this little forest and then lay in the sand and talk about everything and it's amazing. in a world full of so much emptiness, it's nice when you finally feel connected to people and a world that is disappearing more and more every second.

i want to dedicate my life to making art and preserving wildlife. when i originally started this blog, it was a fashion blog. but now it's nothing of the sort, and i'm glad. i admire fashion, and i think it's beautiful, but it's not something i want to partake in. i don't like the industry, the cattiness, the haughty attitudes... all these people are so elitist, and they aren't even doing anything important. they aren't helping the world or making it better. i'm more so critical of the industry than the designers. because many designers are great people. but for me, participating in that type of industry would just kill me. my philosophy is that you need to do what you love, but also try to make a difference, help someone or help the environment stop decaying at the rate it is. i have so much respect for fashion designers, but the industry itself just makes me want to vomit. 

butterflies are my favorite animal today.

 two of my main girls that i love forever
i really like trees and flare jeans

 stay in school or else we will eat you


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  2. Even agreeing with the part of fashion being futile in some point, i disagree this doesn't make the world better. Fashion is art, art is media and media is important for representation. Representation of ideals, representation of groups who never are represented. How can we make feel better about the world if they don't feel good about themselves? Also I think we can change the way people perceive the world trough art. And though a lot of people need to sell to live (who doesn't?) I know a lot of fashion students like me who still see fashion as art and ideal. There's a lot of different faces in fashion. We don't automatically become useless for working with it and you don't need to participate only on the futile side. Here's an example: http://www.theuniformproject.com/

  3. I know what you mean, I am really passionate about these issues too but it is amazing just how quickly people our age dismiss them. It makes me really sad and I wish people would start realising these things are important because otherwise we're going to have really crappy futures.

  4. That is exactly the reason why I quit Fashion School. It was depressing and so competitive student barely focussed on their work as much as they did competing with others. I'm so happy to see how your blog has evolved and how you're focussing so much on doing good for the world!


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